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5 More Fun Physical Education Fitness Activities to Keep Your Students Active and Engaged

In our previous blog post, I discussed five fun physical education fitness ideas that would keep your students active and engaged in school. Today, I am back with five more! These activities are a great way to get your students up and moving, and they are sure to have a blast while they are at it!

5 More Fun Physical Education Fitness Activities to Keep Your Students Active and Engaged

This blog's highlighted PE fitness activities are appropriate for both younger and older students, and they directly correspond with SHAPE America Standard 3, which states: The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.*

So without further ado, here are five more fun physical education fitness activities to keep your students active and engaged:



In a fixed duration, students perform as many rounds as possible using teacher-specified health and skill-related fitness exercises.


  • First, write some fitness exercises such as jumping jacks, straight jumps, and wall-sits on a whiteboard or poster paper. Include rep counts on the cards

  • Laminate if using a poster paper

  • Place cones with AMRAP signs/posters attached on them in select places in your gym


  • On a teacher signal, the students move to one of the AMPAP posters/signs and begin to go through the exercise/movement cycle.

  • Students work at their own pace at the same activity and then move to the next AMRAP workout after completing an entire round at each poster/sign

  • The process continues for a teacher-designated, set time such as 10 to 12 minutes

Cap'n Pete's Power PE- AMRAP Visual



Students perform various health-related fitness movements at a cycle of 20 seconds of movement to 10 seconds of rest- with approximately 6 exercises per workout.


  • First, write some fitness exercises such as air squats, high knees, and V-ups on a whiteboard, poster paper, or project on a screen

  • Laminate the materials when using poster paper

  • You can also place cones with TABATA signs/posters attached to them in select places in your playing area


  • As students enter the playing area, instruct them to find a workout poster or look up at the screen

  • The individual starts with a 20-second MOVE followed by a 10-second REST (6-8 exercises performed in time)

  • The students will utilize the 20-second/10-second work/rest ratio to continue with the exercise/rest

  • A gym timer may be run by a teacher or student using a Bluetooth audio speaker and a TABATA app on a phone or tablet, both of which can be done audibly and visually on a screen.

Cap'n Pete's Power PE- TABATA Visual

3. Fidget Spinner Fitness


Students use fidget spinners and fidget spinner boards to indicate, time, and perform fitness exercises and skill movement activities.


  • First, write some fitness exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and burpees on a pie graph. Google "pie graph" and download an empty one with 8 to 10 slices in it. You can also make one for free on Canva

  • Write or type different dynamic flexibility, muscular endurance, and muscular strength exercises on each graph. Include images if you are able

  • Copy and laminate enough boards for your classes

  • Give partners or small groups a board and a fidget spinner in which to play the game


  • Students take turns (in small groups or partners) spinning the Fidget Spinner in the middle of the board and performing the exercise indicated by the fidget spinner tape arrow (indicator) or alternating spinning and performing the movement

  • The FIRST spin should be a “BABY” spin since the fidget spinners spin for a good bit of time. The other spins can be a little harder to provide adequate time in which to perform the movement

  • The spinner arrow serves as the exercise/movement indicator and the fidget spinner serves as the timer for students to move and exercise. When it spins they move. When it stops, they stop

  • Partners switch roles after each spin

4. Four Corner Fitness


Students move from one corner to the next while pausing to complete an exercise/motion for 20-30 seconds at each turn. During Four Corner Fitness, a different locomotor movement is used to travel from corner to corner.


  • Create exercise and locomotor movement signs. Print and laminate for future use

  • Place locomotor and exercise signs on 8 cones around the perimeter line (2 in each corner- 1 for exercise, 1 for locomotor movement)

  • Place students in small groups at cones or poly spots facing the letters


  • As students enter or after a teacher cue, they immediately begin the first locomotor movement to the first corner

  • At each corner, students read and perform an exercise for 30 seconds

  • After performing the movement, the students then read the locomotor sign and perform it to the next corner

  • The students continue from corner to corner for a specified time (i.e. 5 to 10 minutes)

5. Fitness BLASTS


Students work in groups to perform a set number of designated health and skill-related fitness movements listed on a task card before trading or receiving another card from another group


  • First, write or create Fitness BLAST sheets with 4 – 8 different exercises

  • Make several sheets and laminate the documents

  • Place the laminated fitness-blast cards on a cone, in hula hoops or on the wall in distinct areas of your gym or classroom


  • Break your students up into small groups or partners and have them start at one of the fitness BLAST cards/signs

  • Students complete the 6 revolving exercises listed on their designated exercise card

  • They do not all have to do the same exercises at the same time but must each member of the group must complete the entire BLAST card

  • Rotate the groups around the gym/room to a different Fitness Blast every 1 to 3 minutes or have them time themselves using a stopwatch and then trade cards with other groups once they have completed it

Cap'n Pete's Power PE- Fitness BLAST Visual


In Summary

The article provides 5 more fun physical education fitness activities to keep students active and engaged. These activities include Fidget Spinner Fitness, Four Corner Fitness, Fitness BLASTS, and more. Each activity is described in detail, along with set-up instructions and how to play. These activities are a great way to keep students active and engaged in a physical education class. Thanks for reading!

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

*SHAPE America. (2013). National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. Reston, VA: Author.

Be sure to check out my previous blog entitled: 5 Fun Physical Education Fitness Activities to Keep Your Students Active and Engaged. That's 5 more activities for your PE arsenal!! You can also read some of my other blog posts for more great fitness activities and tips!


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