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The TABATA (High Intensity Interval Training) Instant Activity is a FUN and ACTIVE fitness collection of workout visuals (with corresponding incentive tickets) that can easily be utilized by a physical education or classroom teacher to provide students with a quality, fitness-based, high intensity workout that they will absolutely LOVE! 

This set was inspired by a “cutting edge” Atlanta-based PE teacher, Justin Cahill @justybubPE who writes a top-notch blog located at:

This valuable resource is made up of 12 distinct color-coded TABATA (High Intensity Interval Training) workout visuals that provide an energetic, timed movement experience for the students to participate in. The TABATA visuals can be applied in a number of different ways within a PE lesson or as a great warm-up activity. Classroom teachers can use the TABATA workout visuals as a Brain Boosting activity during those critical times of the day!

Each TABATA visual comes with 6 different fitness-based exercise/movements that students will perform for a set amount of time. They work best as an Instant Activity as students enter a playing area. Students first read the screen, signs or posters; then follow the directions and move!!! 


TABATA Visuals: 12 distinct color-coded workout visuals (6 “actions ”per workout) that can be used on a projected screen, as posters on the wall or signs at a station area. 

Incentive Tickets: 12 matching sheets of tickets that students collect as they successfully perform each round

Activity Plan: A comprehensive activity plan that includes standards, detailed instructions and modifications.

PE Activity: TABATA (High Intensity Interval Training)- 12 Visuals and Tickets

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