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The “Jigsaw Fitness- 30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan” product is a visual package of 30 fitness-related exercise puzzles which includes an activity plan that implements the puzzles in a small group relay game. The students perform designated locomotor movements to obtain puzzle pieces and work together to assemble the 9 piece fitness puzzles which will convey a fitness exercise/activity. The students then perform the exercise revealed as they assemble each puzzle and start again with a new puzzle!

Inside the packet are 30 separate exercise puzzles that include rep or time counts and a detailed activity plan that lists the: 1. Overview, 2. Grade levels, 3. SHAPE Standards, 4. Equipment, 5. Set Up, 6. Directions, 7. Modifications, and 8. A Diagram. 

When downloading this product, you will find both a PDF and a JPG format file inside the main Zip folder. I have found than different printers do better with different formats so I decided to include both to make sure the images are crystal clear for your printer!

PE teachers can use Jigsaw Fitness puzzles as a warm up or as a standalone activity in a Fitness unit. Classroom teachers can use Jigsaw Fitness as a brain break, classroom energizer, recess activity or reward event.

The Jigsaw Fitness- 30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan packet was designed for all ages but is best suited for students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade. 

JIGSAW FITNESS - 30 Puzzle Cutouts & Activity Plan

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