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If you looking for an organized, fitness-based activity with a cognitive and affective domain component, then this is the activity for you!!! The “Detective Fitness” activity gives students the opportunity to participate in a small group, cooperative activity in which students attempt to decode task cards and perform fitness, locomotor and manipulative skill missions around a designated playing area. They must also use their brains and determine and record what health or skill-based component of fitness they are using during each phase of their Mission. 


1 Comprehensive Lesson Plan which includes; object of the lesson, NASPE Standards addressed, setup procedures, learning outcomes, essential questions, modification ideas, instructions for the activity, materials/resources, safety and assessment

5 Decoder Instruction Sheets

5 Unique Fitness Code Task Cards

5 Detective Group Recording Sheets

1 Component of Fitness Reference Sheet 

This Detective Fitness Activity is ideal as a PE Warm Up, a Fitness Unit Lesson or possibly as a closer for a General PE class. Classroom teachers could also use this activity inside their classrooms or outside in a playing area such as a playground or field. Detective Fitness has been designed for 2nd Grade through 8th grade students.

There are 5 unique Fitness Code Task Cards (with different exercises, locomotor movements and manipulative skills). They each have “corresponding” Decoder Instruction Sheets and Group Recording Sheets. The signs are colored differently and are labeled so that you can keep them together and distribute to the students prior to the activity. 

Most of the exercises/movements require little to no equipment because they are either locomotor skills (like skipping, jogging, or slide stepping) or strength and flexibility exercises such as push ups, curl ups, star jumps, etc.). In the included diagram, there are 2 mini lap tracks with 4 cones each marking the tracks but you could use anything (like empty 2 liter bottles to mark if you don't have cones). You will need a wall somewhere to do wall sits and wall push-ups. 

The manipulative skills would require a few balls for tossing, dribbling or rolling, some bean bags to toss and balance, a few jump ropes to jump with, some hula hoops to twirl and some juggling scarves (or grocery bags) to toss and catch. If you had some hula hoops to use to keep the balls from rolling away that would be good too but they aren't necessary. 

PE Activities: Detective Fitness- 5 Fitness Code Task Cards and Recording Sheets

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