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Are you looking for a great team-building, fitness activity that incorporates classroom literacy and math? The Fitness Scrabble-Scramble is a fun and organized movement-based activity that can be used as a warm up, brain break or PE fitness unit activity? With a focus on spelling and accumulating points (using letters and words), students forget how much exercise they are getting while they perform a variety of locomotor movements!!!

The Fitness Scrabble-Scramble packet comes with 3 sets of Scrabble-Scramble letters and a detailed activity plan which includes a complete diagram of the game. Each set of letter tiles has 100 letters (with set point values) that can easily be copied, laminated and used for years. A set of letters works best with 4 groups of 2, 3 or 4 students per group. Since 3 sets are included, you can use this activity with very large groups, using little to no PE equipment. The Fitness Scrabble-Scramble game WORKS and your students will ask for it over and over again!

Students play in small group relay lines, performing a variety of locomotor movements, collecting letters and spelling words to accumulate points for their team. PE teachers can use Scrabble-Scramble as a warm up or as a standalone activity in a Fitness unit. Classroom teachers can use it as a brain break, classroom energizer, recess activity or reward event.

Fitness Scrabble-Scramble: PE Activity with Printable Letters and Point Values

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