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Cap N' Pete's Power PE

Why Cap'n Pete's Power PE?

Making your life as a
PE teacher just a little easier!

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You love your physical education class, but you don't have enough time to plan all the great activities and games that you want to do. 

It's hard enough getting through a school day, let alone trying to come up with new ideas for your physical education class. Not only that, but finding quality resources can be tough.


Cap'n Pete's Power PE is an online platform that offers tools, information, and resources to help future and current physical education instructors better implement physical education in their learning environments.


The site includes an informational blog that provides practical tools and strategies for developing and maintaining a physical education program of excellence. This platform also furnishes over 700 resources for physical education and health, such as PE activities, games, field day materials, templates, visuals, posters, sign packages, PowerPoint presentations, and much more!

Pete Charrette

PETE CHARRETTE, creator of Cap’n Pete’s Power PE, is an award-winning, nationally-board certified physical education teacher with more than 30 years teaching experience. Pete has also served as a national board professional teaching standards trainer. He has developed more than 800 PE and health resources that are currently being used by educators across the world.


Pete has presented and keynoted at the district, state and national levels and has designed an award-winning physical education website. He has an impactful online presence that includes a popular PE blog and has presented online for prominent global PE summits and been a guest on PE podcasts.

Pete Charrette teaching hula hoop balances to an elementary school student
Physical Education Resources

In 2009, Pete was selected as the Georgia State Elementary Physical Education Teacher of the Year. He has also served as a coach for multiple sports; including lacrosse, soccer, basketball, football and track.

Pete recently retired from teaching and resides just outside of Atlanta, GA.


During his time as a practicing physical educator, Pete Charrette worked each day to maintain a physical education program of excellence focused on developing and improving students’ personal fitness, and motor skills, utilizing developmentally appropriate activities through purposeful, creative and enjoyable instruction.

In 2012, Pete began designing physical education, health and classroom movement resources that he sells on his website, Cap'n Pete's Power PE, on Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT)and on Amazon Ignite. Pete also gives away many resource items to practicing educators through several social media outlets including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest. 


In Pete's words- "The BEST thing about teaching physical education is that what we do truly makes a difference in the lives of those we teach. Our work continues on with our students as they mature; and hopefully the movement principles, fitness & health concepts, social interaction techniques, self expression avenues and leadership skills will stay with them for a lifetime."


Picture from Jason Leach, a prominent
physical educator at Independence Elementary School in Fort Worth, Texas.


PE Alphabet Word Wall. Elementary school studetns looking at the workd wall in a gym.
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