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The Fidget Spinner Fitness and Manipulative Skill Board set is a package of 15 pre-set spinner boards, each displaying 7 different fitness exercises or manipulative skill movements. Students place a Fidget Spinner in the middle of the board and spin it to indicate an exercise/movement to perform. The Fidget Spinner also serves as a timer to regulate the amount of time a student moves and exercises. They “move” while it “spins”! 

An editable PowerPoint version is also included in the packet where teachers can include their own exercises and can add their own images on to a Fidget Spinner Board!!!

This valuable resource “engages and immerses” students in a trendy PE movement activity. Your students will LOVE it!! The packet is made up of 15 distinct spinner boards; 5 Fitness Boards, 8 Manipulative Skill Boards (jump rope, yarn ball, scarf, playground ball, hula hoop, beanbag, balloon and paddle play), a YOGA Board and a Balance Board. 

The Fidget Spinner Fitness and Manipulative Skill Board visuals can be applied in a number of different ways within a PE lesson or as a great warm-up activity. Classroom teachers can use the Fidget Spinner Boards as a Brain Boosting activity during those critical times of the day!

Fidget Spinner PE Spin Boards- 15 Fitness and Manipulative Skill Spin Boards

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