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The PE Super Friends Fitness Blasts are a fun and active collection of Superhero workout cards, signs or posters that can easily be used by a physical education or classroom teacher to provide their students with a quality, fitness-based activity that they will absolutely LOVE! 

This valuable resource is made up of 27 distinct MINI-BLAST workouts that provide an energetic, looping movement experience for the students to participate in. The Fitness Blasts can be applied in a number of different ways within a PE lesson or as a great warm-up activity. Classroom teachers can use the Super Friends Fitness Blasts as a Brain Boosting activity during those times of the day when their students just have to move!

Each Fitness Blast comes with 6 different fitness or skill-based exercise/movements that students will perform for a set amount of time. Students loop around the 6 exercises and continue for a set time or until the teacher initiates a rotational change. 

The cards/signs are categorized into 2 areas: 

The cards/signs are categorized into 2 areas: 

1- Health and Skill Component-Based Blasts: 

Health-Related: Cardiovascular Endurance, Flexibility, Muscular Strength, Muscular Endurance, Body Composition/Fat Burning; 
Skill-Related: Agility, Balance, Coordination, Power, Reaction time and Speed

2- Cross -Training Blasts: 

A combination of movements from all Components of Fitness

PE Super Friends Fitness Blasts- 27 Mini Workouts- Landscape Format

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