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Halloween PE Games: 6 Spooky and Fun Halloween Gym Games & Activities for Physical Education

When October comes around, it's a great time to add some fun and excitement to your physical education classes! The weeks before Halloween is a great time to get creative in your PE classes. One way to do this is by incorporating Halloween games and activities into your physical education lessons. Adding this seasonal spin to fitness and movement activities is not only relevant and timely, but it's also a great way to get students moving and engaged in learning.

Why include Halloween PE Games and Activities in your lessons?

Children love Halloween and all of the hype that surrounds it. Why not take advantage of the buzz and incorporate some movement experiences that tie in this spooky season? October is the perfect time to get kids moving and having fun!

By incorporating Halloween games and activities into your physical education classes, you can help to create a fun and active environment that will benefit all students. They are great for promoting cooperative play and teamwork. You can also easily disguise fitness and motor-skill development into your learning experiences using a fun game or activity.

By using quality PE Halloween games and activities, you can easily help students meet SHAPE America Standard 1 which states: The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.*

SHAPE America Standard 1 Motor Skills and Movement Patterns


Tips for setting up Halloween physical education games and activities

  • Build anticipation and "hype it up" in the weeks leading up to October for extra fun

  • Use a Halloween, spooky music playlist of safe, kid-friendly songs to play while students are moving

  • Get into the spooky spirit by decorating your learning area with some Halloween icons

  • Consider which PE games and activities would be most appropriate and feasible given your learning environment and equipment availability

Halloween PE Activities
  • Before your students arrive, set up the necessary equipment for your class game or activity

  • Demonstrate and explain the PE-Halloween activity that the class will be performing

  • Provide a summary after the activity and hype up the next Halloween event

  • Before the next class begins, re-set the equipment. Have your current class do it for you so you don't have to


You can easily integrate several Halloween-themed games and activities into any physical education program. Below are six great Halloween games and activities to use in your PE classes!

6 Fun and Engaging Physical Education Halloween Games and Activities

1. PE Concentration- Halloween Style


Students attempt to match a variety of Halloween icons and items as they travel to and from various areas in the gym performing a variety of locomotor movements as they move.


  • Several index cards with a variety of Halloween icons. The icons can either be written, drawn, or glued to the card

  • 6 to 12 cones are set up around the perimeter

  • A cone, poly spot, or Frisbee for every icon card. The cards could also be placed upside down without being hidden under an item


  • Create some mini cards that have Halloween words and/or icon pictures

  • The pictures/words could be put on index cards or construction paper

  • Place the Halloween cards throughout the middle of the playing area upside-down. You can also put them under cones or Frisbees

  • Make sure each card has an exact twin

PE Concentration- Halloween Style

Directions and Rules

  1. Examples of Halloween icons could be pumpkins, ghosts, Frankenstein, scarecrows, witches, bats, mummies, broomsticks, trick-or-treaters, zombies, Dracula, goblins, etc.

  2. Turn the cards over and mix them up. You can put them under the cones or flipped Frisbees or just leave them turned over

  3. Place 6 – 12 cones around the gym perimeter and group the students into even clusters of “Trick or Treaters” behind each cone to start the Halloween Concentration game

  4. On a teacher signal (preferably Halloween music), the first one in line runs (or uses a teacher-directed locomotor movement) to a cone, grabs a card, and brings it back to their group

  5. The group looks at the card and immediately the next student in line goes out to search for the twin card (either upside-down or under a cone or frisbee). If it is a match they bring it back to the group

  6. If the card is not a match, the student leaves the card at the cone and returns to tell everyone the icon they looked at

  7. The next person in line goes out on the Halloween matching venture checking a new card

  8. This process continues for a set time to see which group gets the most Halloween icon matches. The teacher can vary the locomotor movement and could add a fitness exercise the students perform before they pick up a card

PE Concentration- Halloween Style Video- Cards up-side-down and up-side-right for younger students

2. Haunted-House Obstacle Course


For students to progress through a Haunted House-themed obstacle course


  • A. 2 to 4 hula hoops

  • B and E. 2 to 4 Hurdles or cones (jump over)

  • C. 2 to 4 Scooter Boards

  • D. 2 to 4 jump ropes

  • F. 2 to 4 yarn balls and bins to toss into


  • 2 to 4 “Haunted House Themed” Obstacle Courses set up in your gym/playing area

  • Set out the equipment for the obstacle courses before class begins

Haunted-House Obstacle Course

Directions and Rules

The students go through the following obstacle course. Modify the individual movements/activities to adjust for the equipment you have in your PE closet

Obstacle Course

Students start at a cone or poly spot which is the obstacle course start point and then they…

  1. A. Run around the front foyer- Students run around a downed hula hoop- 1 revolution

  2. B. Jump over the old furniture- Students jump over a hurdle from one foot to the other in a straight line (could be a cone, a soft hurdle or a pool noodle laying across 2 cones)

  3. C. Float like a Ghost- Students hop on a scooter board (or anything that rolls like a scooter) and ride to D where they get off the scooter board

  4. D. Ghost Aerobics Class- Students jump rope for their ghost exercise class 5 times

  5. E. Under the Table- Students climb under a hurdle (could be a cone, a soft hurdle or a pool noodle laying across 2 cones)

  6. F. Toss the Pumpkin- Students pick up a yarn ball and toss it into a bin (or container).

Students end the obstacle course by first putting the ball back on the line, then running straight back but they must stop halfway to ride the scooter board back to C

Modify the listed equipment, as needed, to match the equipment or items you have in your PE closet or classroom

3. Capture the Treats (Large Group PE Game)


Students flee and dodge in a 2-team chase, tag, and gather game in which they attempt to do some trick or treating in each other’s Haunted House.


  • 12 – 20 tennis balls or beanbags to represent “Halloween candy”

  • 8 hula hoops (4 on each side)

  • 2 color Pinnies for 2 groups of trick or treaters

  • 6 to 12 cones to mark the playing area or use existing gym or field lines


  • The game is played in large groups in a gym or on a field playing area

  • Mark the area with cones or use existing gym lines

  • Place 4 hula hoops (on each side) just behind the end lines of the playing area

  • Put treats inside the hoops

  • Split the group into 2 even teams and send them to the end line on opposite sides

Capture the Treats (Large Group PE Game)

Directions and Rules

  1. Tell the students that 2 groups of trick or treaters are in a feud and want to prove that they can capture more treats than their counterparts

  2. The aim of the game for each group of trick-or-treaters is to try and steal haunted treats from the other team's 'haunted house' area

  3. Players can tag the other team’s players only on their side of the center line

  4. If a player is tagged without a treat, they must sit down and wait for a teammate to come in and get them without that “saving” person getting tagged first

  5. The 2 teammates can then walk back to their own side “freely” if connected (i.e. holding hands, hand on the shoulder, etc.)

  6. If a player is tagged with a treat while returning to their side, they must toss the treat back to the guard (at a hoop) and return home

  7. If a player gets the treat safely back to their side, without being tagged, they can place it in one of their 4 containers.

  8. There is one “Guard” allowed can at each hoop

4. Paper Plate Activate- Halloween Style (What's on Your Plate?)


Students move from laminated plate to plate every 30 seconds to perform fitness-skill movements. This is a GREAT warm-up fitness activity.


  • Several laminated paper plates with a variety of fitness movements

  • The plates have glued-on or drawn Halloween (i.e. jack o lantern) icons on them


  • Laminate the plates with exercises (i.e. jumping jacks, push-ups, etc.) with some Halloween icons represented on there

  • Scatter the plates around the playing area face up

  • Evenly distribute the students at the laminated Halloween plates

Paper Plate Activate- Halloween Style

Directions and Rules

  1. Provide all the children with instructions for the activity

  2. Turn on some upbeat music (preferably with a Halloween theme)

  3. Use a timer or an app and play the music for 30 seconds

  4. For 30 seconds, the students will perform the exercise or movement around the plate

  5. Stop the music (15-second break) and have the kids rotate to any other plate. They cannot go to a plate they have already been to

  6. Continue this pattern for 4 to 6 minutes

5. Halloween PE Stations


Students rotate around the playing area and take part in a variety of movement-type stations that incorporate a “Halloween” theme.


  • A. Bowling pins, white cloth, black felt, balls

  • B. Cones, deck rings or hula hoops

  • C. Paddles/Rackets, white balloons

  • D. Basketball/Playground balls/goals, bells

  • E. Goals, white sheets, soccer balls


  • 5 Halloween-themed stations are spaced out evenly throughout your gym/playing area

  • Set the equipment for each station out before class begins

Halloween PE Stations

Directions and Rules

  1. A. Booling- Using multiple bowling pins covered with cloth and black felt circles glued on for eyes, students take turns rolling a ball at the “ghosts”, attempting to knock them over.

  2. B. Witches Hat Ring Toss- Using tall PE cones with purchased “witches hats” placed on top, students use deck rings or small hula hoops trying to “ring” the witch's hat

  3. C. Floating Ghosts- Using blown-up, white balloons, students use their hands or paddles/racquets to strike and keep the “ghost face” balloons up in the air

  4. D. Ring the Doorbell- Attach several small bells to a basketball goal and have the students shoot baskets, using a variety of different types of balls (from various distances), using poly spot markers to shoot from

  5. E. Score a Ghoul- Using a small soccer or hockey goal (with a white sheet hanging down in front, marked like a ghost) students take turns dribbling and then shooting a soccer or indoor hockey ball (using a hockey stick) at the ghost (goal). Use a black dry-erase marker to draw the ghost. The ghostly sheet can be taped or pinned onto the goal

6. Ghost Busters (Large Group PE Game)


Students throw for accuracy at “Ghost” targets on the opposing team’s side of a playing area in an attempt to knock them down.


  • 20 – 40 white/clear 3-liter soda bottles or bowling pins (ghosts)

  • 25 - 40 yarn or gator balls (missiles)

  • A Centerline

  • Spots on the floor to mark where the Ghosts should be placed

Ghost Busters (Large Group PE Game) pic


  • The game is played in large groups in a gym or on a field playing area

  • Mark the area with cones or use existing gym/field lines

  • You can place mats, borders, benches, or anything that can serve as a wall (in the middle) between the haunted houses

  • Split the group into two teams of Ghostbusters and send them to the end lines

Ghost Busters (Large Group PE Game)

Directions and Rules

  1. Explain to the students that two rival ghostbusting teams are in competition with each other for eliminating ghosts from their city.

  2. The Ghostbusters on each side of the city want to destroy the other's ghosts by launching "heat-seeking" ghostbusting missiles at them.

  3. The object for each group of Ghostbusters is to knock down more ghosts on the other team’s side than the other team knocks down on theirs.

  4. On the teacher’s signal, the Ghostbusters may throw only at the other team’s ghosts and not at the other Ghostbusters

  5. Ghostbusters may only pick up a maximum of two ghostbusting missiles at a time

  6. If a ghost (bottle/pin) is knocked down, Ghostbusters are allowed to set it back up on top of the marked “X” if they can catch a thrown ball

  7. A ghost may be set back up only if a missile is caught “cleanly” in the air (bouncing catches don't count as a clean catch)

  8. Ghostbusters may guard their ghosts but may not touch them unless they are setting them back up after they have fallen


Final thoughts

Adding Halloween games and activities to physical education classes is a great way to incorporate a holiday theme while still getting students moving and active. These six ideas are just a few of the many possibilities for Halloween-themed PE movement experiences. With a little creativity, you can come up with even more spooky and fun ideas to keep your students engaged and excited about physical activity in your own pumpkin patch.

Be sure to check below for a FREE download with some GREAT Halloween stations you can use right away and check out some of the Halloween resources I have for sale on my web page (i.e. zombie tag). So get out there, gather up all the pumpkins, and have some Halloween fun with your PE students! Happy haunting!

What are some of your favorite Halloween PE activities? Share them in the comments below! And don't forget to check out my other blog posts for even more great ideas for physical education classes. Thanks for reading!

*SHAPE America. (2013). National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. Reston, VA: Author.

** Thanks to Veronica Brand @CoachBrandPE for her awesome pics and video. Check out all of he great tweets here.


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