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Adopt-a-Gym: Enhancing Physical Education for Underfunded Schools

Physical education plays a crucial role in the integral development of children, providing not only a foundation for healthy living but also instilling values of teamwork and perseverance. However, a significant challenge in many schools today is the lack of adequate resources to support strong physical education programs. This is where Adopt-a-Gym, an innovative and impactful initiative, enters the picture, aimed at addressing this very issue.

Adopt-a-Gym: Enhancing Physical Education for Underfunded Schools

Adopt-a-Gym is a transformative organization with a mission to revitalize physical education across schools facing resource challenges. This initiative stands as a testament to the power of community-driven support, aiming to provide equitable access to quality physical education equipment for all students. Its unique approach, centered around a “by kids, for kids” fundraising model, not only addresses the material needs of underfunded schools but also cultivates a culture of philanthropy and empathy among young learners.

Reflecting on my thirty-year journey as an elementary school physical education teacher, the significance of Adopt-a-Gym resonates deeply. The role of physical education in shaping the health, well-being, and social skills of young students cannot be overstated. However, the disparity in resources among schools has long been a challenge, often leaving educators striving to offer comprehensive PE programs with limited tools. This disparity not only hampers the quality of physical education but also the students' potential to engage fully in these vital activities.

Adopt-a-Gym - PE Philanprothy

Adopt-a-Gym emerges as a crucial player in this landscape, striving to bridge these gaps. By rallying schools and communities to support each other, it not only enriches PE programs but also embeds valuable life lessons in the minds of the young participants. This article aims to shed light on the impactful work of Adopt-a-Gym, its methodology, and the profound effects it has on both donor and recipient schools. It's a story of how a simple idea can spark a significant change, enhancing the landscape of physical education and touching the lives of countless students.


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Understanding Adopt-a-Gym

Embarking on a mission to enhance physical education across diverse educational landscapes, Adopt-a-Gym stands as a crucial link between schools with abundant resources and those in dire need of them.

  • What is Adopt-a-Gym? Adopt-a-Gym is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization aimed at leveling the playing field in physical education. It enables well-resourced schools to raise money and support those lacking essential PE equipment, ensuring every child enjoys the benefits of a full physical education program.

  • The Program's Concept Founded by Kevin McGrath, Adopt-a-Gym operates on a simple yet powerful idea: schools helping schools. It’s about students engaging in fundraising to provide PE equipment to their less fortunate peers, fostering a sense of community and empathy.

Understanding Adopt-a-Gym

  • "By Kids, For Kids" Fundraising This unique model empowers students to take an active role in participating in a variety of fun events organized by their teachers, such as dance-a-thons, fun runs, or community leagues showcases. These events not only serve as fundraisers but also educate kids about the value of philanthropy and teamwork, while highlighting ways to stay active outside of school hours

  • How Adopt-a-Gym Works The process starts with identifying donor schools ready to support the cause. These schools then host creative fundraising activities, with all proceeds going towards purchasing PE equipment for recipient schools.

Through its innovative model and community-driven approach, Adopt-a-Gym not only bridges the resource gap in physical education but also instills a spirit of generosity and collaboration in the next generation. As we explore the tangible benefits this program brings to schools and students alike, it becomes clear that Adopt-a-Gym is more than just a fundraiser; it's a catalyst for positive change in educational communities.


The Benefits of Adopt-a-Gym

The impact of Adopt-a-Gym extends far beyond the mere exchange of physical education equipment. It profoundly influences both the donor and recipient schools, fostering a culture of empathy, empowerment, and equality in education.

Impact on Donor Schools

Participation in Adopt-a-Gym allows students in well-resourced schools to develop a deeper sense of empathy and social responsibility. Engaging in fundraising activities not only teaches them about philanthropy but also helps them understand and appreciate their privilege. This program transforms students who are often on the receiving end of generosity into empowered givers, fostering a balanced perspective on societal dynamics. Kevin McGrath helps raise awareness to the importance of creating this shift in mindset, noting that such experiences are pivotal in developing well-rounded, compassionate individuals who are aware of and responsive to the needs of others.

The Benefits of Adopt-a-Gym - Impact on Donor Schools


Impact on Recipient Schools

For schools receiving aid, the benefits of Adopt-a-Gym are multifaceted. Firstly, it injects newfound motivation into educators, allowing them to expand their lesson plans and offer a wider array of physical activities. This not only creates equity in education but also ensures that all students have access to quality physical education, a right that every child deserves.

The long-term benefits of this program are substantial. Increased exposure to diverse physical activities encourages students to pursue active lifestyles and become more active outside the school setting. This not only leads to obvious health benefits but also steers them away from potential dangers like gangs. Furthermore, it opens up opportunities for higher education, including athletic scholarships, which might otherwise be unattainable in underprivileged settings.

The Benefits of Adopt-a-Gym - Impact on Recipient Schools


Broadening Horizons and Combating Childhood Obesity

Adopt-a-Gym's impact extends to combating childhood obesity and promoting healthier lifestyle choices among students. By providing a variety of PE equipment and enabling a broader curriculum, it allows students to explore new sports and physical activities. This diversity not only enriches their school experience but also instills habits that contribute to a healthier, more active lifestyle outside of school in sporting leagues and in the fitness community.

Adopt-a-Gym serves as a powerful tool for social change, promoting empathy, empowerment, and equality. As we explore the stories of change and the ripple effect of giving in the next section, we see how Adopt-a-Gym is not just changing schools but also shaping futures.


The Ripple Effect of Giving

Adopt-a-Gym’s impact is not just about providing equipment; it's about igniting a wave of positive change, empathy, and community building across the globe.

Stories of Change

Adopt-a-Gym - The Ripple Effect of Giving

The transformative power of Adopt-a-Gym is vividly illustrated through heartening stories

from recipient schools. Take, for instance, the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. In partnership with Jorge Rodriguez, Adopt-a-Gym adopted seven schools in Houston, significantly impacted by the hurricane. Kevin McGrath recalls the visit to these schools, where despite facing immense challenges like food and shelter insecurities, the students' faces lit up with joy and relief at the sight of new PE equipment. For a moment, amidst their hardships, they could immerse themselves in the simple joy of being kids, engaging in much-needed physical activity.


Adopt-a-Gym - The Ripple Effect of Giving

Another remarkable story comes from San Miguel, El Salvador. Here, Adopt-a-Gym identified a school where the PE teacher, despite being incredibly innovative, lacked basic equipment. He resorted to teaching volleyball with blown-up plastic bags. McGrath's initiative to provide a full elementary equipment kit to this school was driven by a desire to connect with the Salvadoran students in his own school, fostering a sense of global empathy and connection. The delivery of equipment transformed the educational experience, enabling the teacher to deliver the quality lessons he had always envisioned.


Building a Compassionate Community

These stories highlight how Adopt-a-Gym fosters a sense of community and humanitarian values. It’s not just about the physical act of giving; it’s about building bridges between diverse communities and cultures. The program instills a sense of global responsibility and empathy in students, teaching them that their actions can significantly impact lives, even those miles away.

Adopt-a-Gym - Building a Compassionate Community

The impact on young minds extends beyond mere participation; it allows students to see the tangible results of their efforts. Witnessing the actual equipment being used by the kids they’ve helped cultivates a deeper sense of connection and responsibility. Adopt-a-Gym not only teaches students about empathy and humility, but it also positions physical education programs as leaders within their school communities. This experience of making a real-world impact fosters a generation that is not only compassionate but also globally aware and actively engaged in community leadership.

Adopt-a-Gym’s ripple effect extends far beyond the confines of a gym. It is about nurturing hearts and minds, creating a compassionate, connected world where children learn the power and joy of giving. As we move to the next section, we'll explore the various ways schools, teachers, and individuals can actively participate in this transformative journey.


How to Get Involved

A distinctive feature of Adopt-a-Gym is its innovation in ensuring that every penny contributed by students is directly allocated to purchasing PE equipment, coupled with the fact that the organization operates entirely with volunteers and has no paid staff. The success of Adopt-a-Gym hinges on the participation and contributions of schools, individuals, and businesses. There are several ways to get involved, each playing a crucial role in advancing the mission of bringing equity to physical education.

Adopt-a-Gym - How to Get Involved

For Schools and Teachers

Any school can become a part of this transformative journey by registering as a donor school. The process is straightforward:

  1. Visit and navigate to the “Register as a Donor School” section.

  2. Fill out the registration form with your school’s details.

  3. Receive personalized guidance from Kevin McGrath to plan and execute a successful fundraising event.

Adopt-a-Gym - How to Get Involved

Organizing your own fitness fundraiser can be both fun and rewarding. Ideas include hosting a school-wide fun run, basketball tournament, family fitness fun night, soccer shoot-out, dance-a-thon, or sports day, where students and teachers participate in various physical challenges and activities. PE teachers could also consider incorporating fitness competitions into a fundraiser, like a team relay, partner fitness challenge, or a group obstacle course, which utilizes the school's fitness equipment in engaging and innovative ways. These competitions foster a sense of healthy competition among participants, further enhancing the excitement and collaborative spirit of the event. These events not only raise funds but also promote motor skills, physical fitness and social interaction.


For Individuals and Businesses

Individual contributions form the backbone of Adopt-a-Gym’s fundraising efforts. To make a donation:

  1. Go to

  2. Choose the amount you wish to donate and complete the transaction.

Businesses can amplify their impact providing financial support through corporate matching programs, where the company matches an employee’s donation, doubling the support for the cause. This not only increases the total donation but also encourages more employees to participate, knowing their contribution has an even greater effect.

Adopt-a-Gym - How to Get Involved

Kevin McGrath emphasizes the power of individual action, noting that nearly $100,000 worth of equipment has been delivered worldwide, thanks to donations, many from individuals under ten years old. This highlights the incredible impact one person can have in changing the world, one small step at a time.


Volunteering and Community Involvement

Apart from financial contributions, volunteering time and expertise is invaluable. Opportunities include assisting in organizing fundraising events, spreading the word about Adopt-a-Gym in your community, and engaging in advocacy work to promote the importance of physical education.

Volunteering and Community Involvement

Involvement in Adopt-a-Gym, whether as a school, an individual, or a business, is a step towards creating a more equitable and health-conscious future. As we look at the real-life success stories of Adopt-a-Gym in action in the next section, the true scope of what can be achieved through collective effort becomes even more evident.


Adopt-a-Gym in Action

Adopt-a-Gym’s real-world impact is best illustrated through the stories of schools and educators who have taken the initiative to bring tangible changes to their communities and beyond.

Case Study: A School's Journey Post-Hurricane Harvey

A compelling example comes from Tennessee, where physical educator Alex Adams took a proactive step in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. He organized an innovative “Midnight Madness” Basketball Tournament at his school, aiming to support a sister school in Houston that was severely impacted by the hurricane. This all-night event not only raised significant funds but also brought together the school community in a show of solidarity and support for those affected by the disaster. The funds raised helped the sister school in Houston get back on its feet, replenishing their PE equipment and restoring their ability to provide quality physical education.


Collaborative Efforts for Relief

In another instance of community spirit, Jason Leach, an educator from Keller, TX, demonstrated the power of collective effort. He coordinated with local schools to compile US Games gift cards, initially meant for their own use, to aid in Hurricane Harvey relief. Alongside Jorge Rodriguez and Kevin McGrath, Jason spent a day in Houston, visiting five recipient schools. They engaged with students, teaching lessons using the newly acquired equipment, a direct result of their collaborative fundraising efforts.

Adopt-a-Gym - Collaborative Efforts for Relief


The Heroes of Charles Barrett Elementary

A pivotal chapter in the story of Adopt-a-Gym unfolds at Charles Barrett Elementary in Alexandria, Virginia. This is not just any school; it's where Kevin McGrath has been teaching for the last 19 years and the birthplace of Adopt-a-Gym. The students of Charles Barrett Elementary have played a monumental role in the program’s success. They are responsible for approximately $80,000 of the $100,000 worth of PE equipment distributed through Adopt-a-Gym, demonstrating remarkable compassion and initiative. Their unwavering commitment to organizing fundraising events beautifully echoes McGrath's guiding principle: “Be the difference…one gym at a time!” These young students stand as a testament to the idea that even the smallest hands can contribute to making a significant difference in the world.

Adopt-a-Gym - The Heroes of Charles Barrett Elementary

These inspiring stories not only underscore the effectiveness of Adopt-a-Gym but also highlight its capacity to empower and galvanize entire communities around a shared mission. The following section introduces us to Kevin McGrath, whose vision and steadfast leadership have been crucial in steering this impactful initiative forward.


Meet the Founder - Kevin McGrath

At the heart of Adopt-a-Gym's remarkable journey is its founder, Kevin McGrath, whose personal story and vision have been pivotal in shaping the program's direction and impact.

Adopt-a-Gym - Meet the Founder - Kevin McGrath

Journey to Adopt-a-Gym

Kevin McGrath's journey to creating Adopt-a-Gym is as inspiring as the program itself. Driven by a deep-seated passion for physical education and philanthropy, McGrath saw a need for a platform that could bridge the resource gap in physical education. His experiences as an educator exposed him to the stark disparities in school resources, motivating him to initiate a change.


McGrath's Personal Story and Motivations

McGrath’s motivation for Adopt-a-Gym stems from his belief that every child deserves equal access to quality physical education. His personal experiences have taught him the transformative power of physical activity in shaping young lives. This understanding, coupled with his observation of the resource inequalities in schools, fueled his determination to make a difference.


Lessons Learned

Adopt-a-Gym - Lessons Learned

Throughout his journey with Adopt-a-Gym, McGrath has learned invaluable lessons about

the power of community, the importance of empathy in education, and the impact that even small actions can have on a larger scale. These lessons have reinforced his belief in the program and its objectives. Meeting Kevin McGrath at a national convention, I was immediately struck by his passion for Adopt-a-Gym and his approachable personality. His enthusiasm for making a difference in the realm of physical education was both inspiring and contagious, underscoring his commitment to the cause.


McGrath’s Vision for the Future

As Adopt-a-Gym approaches its ten-year milestone, Kevin McGrath sets his sights on ambitious and transformative goals for the program. Central to his vision for the immediate future is the expansion of Adopt-a-Gym's reach within this school year, aiming to include schools in 32 additional states across the US. This expansion is not just about growing in numbers; it's about creating a comprehensive nationwide network that tackles resource disparities in physical education on a larger scale. McGrath's dedication extends beyond domestic borders, as he also recognizes the urgent need to address these disparities internationally.

Adopt-a-Gym - McGrath's Vision for the Future

In line with these goals, a special event is on the horizon. McGrath reveals plans for a silent auction scheduled for the upcoming spring, designed to complement the program's regular fundraising activities. This event is set to be a significant step towards realizing the 32-state plan, marking a decade of Adopt-a-Gym's impactful journey in reshaping physical education across communities.


Goals for Adopt-a-Gym

Beyond geographical expansion, McGrath emphasizes the urgency of helping schools at local, national, and international levels. He envisions Adopt-a-Gym as a platform that transcends borders, bringing equitable physical education to every corner of the globe. This vision includes not only providing equipment but also fostering a global community of educators, students, and supporters united by a common goal.


Expanding and Enhancing the Program

To realize this vision, McGrath plans to strengthen partnerships, increase awareness, and encourage more schools, communities, and competitive athletics to participate. Part of this expansion includes spreading motivation through keynote speeches based on his personal life journey, aiming to inspire and positively impact others. McGrath's dedication extends beyond maintaining the program's momentum; he is committed to enhancing its capacity to effect transformative changes in physical education on a global scale.

Adopt-a-Gym - Expanding and Enhancing the Program


Kevin McGrath’s journey serves as a powerful testament to how individual passion, coupled with clear vision, can catalyze substantial societal change. If you are looking for an inspirational speaker whose life story embodies resilience and the power of making a difference, McGrath can be reached at As we reflect on the impact of Adopt-a-Gym and envision its future under McGrath's leadership, it becomes evident that this inspiring journey is just beginning. In the next section, we will explore the tangible impacts of Adopt-a-Gym so far and its aspirations for the future.


The Impact So Far and the Path Ahead

As Adopt-a-Gym continues its journey of empowering schools and communities, it's important to reflect on the accomplishments achieved and the ambitious goals set for the future.

Statistics and Milestones

Since its inception, Adopt-a-Gym has made remarkable strides in bridging the gap in physical education resources. Notably, the program has successfully delivered over $100,000 worth of PE equipment, directly benefiting approximately 50 schools both within the United States and internationally. This impressive achievement includes extending support as far as El Salvador and even to six schools across Thailand, the last of which was a school for orphaned and impoverished children in Chiang Mai. These efforts have been championed by dedicated students, educators, and community members who believe in the transformative power of physical education and its ability to positively impact lives around the globe.

Adopt-a-Gym - Milestones


Future Goals and Vision for Adopt-a-Gym

Looking forward, Adopt-a-Gym aims to expand its impact even further. The goal is to include schools from all 50 states in the U.S. and to extend support internationally, thus ensuring that children from various backgrounds have access to quality physical education. The vision is clear: a world where every child, irrespective of their school's financial status, has the opportunity to engage in enriching physical activities.


Call to Action

Now, more than ever, Adopt-a-Gym needs your support to continue making a difference. Whether you're a teacher looking to register your school as a donor, an individual eager to contribute financially, or a business interested in partnership opportunities, every effort counts. You can start by visiting to learn how you can be a part of this incredible mission.


Ways to Contribute

  • For Schools: Register as a donor school at

  • For Individuals: Make a donation at

  • For Businesses: Inquire about corporate matching and sponsorship opportunities.


Adopt-a-Gym - Ways to Contribute

The journey of Adopt-a-Gym is a testament to the power of community and the belief that every child deserves quality physical education. As we conclude this article, let us remember that each one of us has the power to make a difference, one gym at a time. Join the Adopt-a-Gym movement and help Kevin shape a healthier, more active, and more compassionate world for our children.


Final Thoughts

Adopt-a-Gym embodies the transformative power of community involvement in education. This initiative goes beyond providing physical education resources; it fosters empathy, instills a spirit of giving, and unites communities in a common goal. Its success in bridging resource gaps in schools across the globe is a testament to the collective impact that can be achieved when individuals, schools, and communities work together. The stories of change and the dedication of educators, students, and volunteers are powerful reminders of how concerted efforts can lead to significant improvements in the lives of young learners.

Adopt-a-Gym - Final Thoughts

As we reflect on the journey and achievements of Adopt-a-Gym, we are reminded of our potential to contribute to a more equitable and compassionate world. Whether it's by participating in fundraising, volunteering, or simply spreading the word, each action contributes to this noble cause. This initiative challenges us to think about our role in shaping the future of education and the health of our communities, inspiring us to take steps, however small, towards making a difference in the world.


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