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Inside this PACKAGE are 2O, “fun and exciting” Halloween games and activities for PE or classroom teachers and are designed for use with a wide range of ages for students in grades Kindergarten through 6th. The PE Halloween Games and Activities are a “diverse” grouping of games and activities that range from short tag game “warm ups” to full lesson plans and large group games. Each activity and game can be implemented in a gymnasium or a large empty classroom space using typical PE equipment with a few extra “Halloweeny” additions to keep it “SPOOKTACULAR!” 

The games and activities were developed to address the SHAPE National PE Standards and will complement and reinforce many of the concepts that a typical PE teacher would use throughout the school year. These concepts include the cardiovascular and muscular fitness, agility, speed, listening, following directions, cooperation and sportsmanship. The PE Halloween Games and Activities are ideal to implement during the weeks leading up to Halloween. They will naturally spark student excitement during this “hauntingly” time of the year by using traditional Halloween-related themes and icons such as ghost, witches, bats, black cats, monsters, pumpkins, zombies etc.

Students will love the activities and games and they will get their heart rates up and not even know they are getting a great workout because they will be having so much fun. These activities are “tried and true” and students will ask for them around Halloween every year. They can be used with up to 3 classes at the same time or as little as 1 small class. They are geared towards elementary-aged students, however they have used them with middle and high school students and they love them too! 

PE Halloween Games and Activities- “Spooktacular" Fun!

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