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Best Physical Education Equipment Providers 2024: Your Complete Resource

In the realm of physical education, the equipment we use plays a pivotal role in shaping the learning and safety environment for our students. As a physical education teacher with over 30 years of experience, I understand the importance of equipping our classes with top-notch gear that not only endures but also enhances the teaching and learning experience. This blog delves into the top physical education equipment companies, offering a comprehensive guide to help educators make informed decisions about the tools they bring into their classrooms.

The Top PE Equipment Providers for 2024: A Comprehensive Guide for Physical Educators

Selecting the right equipment is more than just a matter of preference; it's about finding the perfect synergy between quality, innovation, and practicality. The companies featured in this blog have been chosen for their excellence in providing educational tools that meet the diverse needs of PE programs. From traditional sports equipment to innovative educational aids, these providers stand out for their commitment to enhancing physical education with products that inspire both teachers and students alike.


Why Equipment Quality Matters in PE

Why Equipment Quality Matters in PE

Quality equipment in PE is crucial for ensuring the safety and effectiveness of physical education classes. Reliable and safe equipment prevents injuries and accidents, fostering a secure environment for students to engage in physical activities. High-quality equipment also enhances the learning experience, enabling students to develop skills effectively and enjoyably. It's essential for promoting long-term interest and participation in physical education and sports.


How to Choose the Right PE Equipment Company

When selecting an equipment provider, educators should consider the following:

  1. Quality and Durability: Look for companies known for durable and safe equipment.

  2. Product Range: Choose providers offering a diverse range of equipment to suit various activities.

  3. Customer Service: Prioritize companies with strong customer support and satisfaction policies.

  4. Pricing and Budget: Consider providers that offer competitive pricing and cater to school budgets.

  5. Reputation and Reviews: Research customer reviews and the company's reputation in the education sector.

  6. Collaborations and Endorsements: Consider if the company collaborates with educational organizations or has endorsements from credible sources.

Selecting the right equipment provider involves considering quality, product range, customer service, pricing, and company reputation. Educators should seek providers that align with their educational goals and offer value, ensuring a positive impact on their physical education programs. Now that we've covered the essentials, let's dive into exploring some of the leading PE equipment suppliers.

How to Choose the Right PE Equipment Company


Top Physical Education Equipment Supply Companies

Top Physical Education Equipment Supply Companies

In this section, we delve into some of the top physical education equipment companies, each chosen for their exceptional contributions to the field of PE. For each company, we'll cover their history and background, giving you a sense of their journey in the industry. We'll also highlight their standout products and services, discussing the quality and durability that make their offerings trustworthy for schools. Additionally, we'll touch on their customer service and support, an essential aspect that defines their relationship with educators. Pricing and accessibility are also crucial, so we'll provide insights on how these companies cater to varying school budgets. Finally, we'll explore the unique selling points of each company, showcasing what sets them apart in the competitive world of physical education equipment.



History and Background: Gopher has been a leading distributor in physical education, athletics, and fitness for over 70 years, earning a reputation for reliability and excellence. They focus on delivering innovative and high-quality products to enhance physical education and athletic performance.

Products and Services: Gopher offers an extensive range of products, including various types of balls, beanbags, hoops, jump ropes, parachutes, and more. They also provide tailored lesson plans and activities, making their offerings comprehensive for PE teachers.

Quality and Durability: Known for their durable and high-quality products, Gopher ensures that their equipment withstands the rigorous demands of daily school use, offering longevity and reliability in PE classes.

Customer Service and Support: Gopher stands out for its world-class customer service and support. Educators often praise the company for its responsiveness, helpfulness, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Price and Accessibility: With competitive pricing and frequent deals, Gopher makes its high-quality products accessible to schools of various budget sizes. Their pricing strategy balances quality with affordability.

Unique Selling Points: Gopher's unique offerings include a variety of equipment packs tailored for different class sizes and activities, exclusive "Only from Gopher" products, and a standout Unconditional 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. This guarantee ensures that customers can get replacements, credits, or refunds with no hassles or restocking fees, reinforcing Gopher's commitment to customer satisfaction and trust.

More details are available at


BSN Sports & US Games (Part of Varsity Brands)

BSN Sports and US Games and are both part of Varsity Brands, a family of companies focused on empowering youth and fostering community spirit through sports, cheerleading, and other activities. While BSN Sports is geared more towards a broad range of athletic and team sports equipment, US Games specializes in physical education equipment, targeting educational environments. Being under the same corporate umbrella allows for shared resources and a broad market reach, although each brand maintains its distinct focus and customer base. Their collaboration with OPEN (the Online Physical Education Network) for educational resources underscores this focus on the educational aspect of physical activity.

For more detailed information, you can visit the Varsity Brands website.

Let's look at US Games and BSN Sports individually and in more detail.


US Games

History and Background: US Games stands as a notable provider in the field of physical education equipment. Their longstanding commitment to enhancing PE programs is evident through their extensive range of products and services tailored for educators and students alike.

Products and Services: Offering a diverse selection, US Games includes traditional sports equipment, innovative fitness tools, and engaging activity sets. They also partner with OPEN (Online Physical Education Network), providing educators with free resources and lesson plans, enhancing the educational value of their offerings.

Quality and Durability: Their products are designed to withstand the demands of active PE classes, ensuring durability and lasting performance in school settings.

Customer Service and Support: US Games is known for excellent customer service, with a focus on ensuring educators receive the support they need, whether it's product selection, usage guidance, or troubleshooting.

Price and Accessibility: Understanding the varied needs of schools, US Games offers products across a range of price points, making quality PE equipment accessible to a wide range of educational institutions.

Unique Selling Points: Their collaboration with OPEN for free educational resources is a key differentiator, showcasing their commitment to not just equipping PE classes, but also enriching them with valuable educational content.

For more detailed information about US Games' collaboration with OPEN and their product range, you can visit their website.


BSN Sports

History and Background: BSN Sports began in 1972 in Memphis, TN, starting from the back of a Ford Mustang. The company's initial focus was on tennis nets and hard goods. Over the years, it has expanded significantly, now offering a broad range of sports apparel and equipment to schools nationwide in the US. BSN Sports has carved a niche in the physical education landscape as a provider of a broad range of sports equipment. They focus on team sports and supply high-quality athletic gear primarily to educational institutions, making them a go-to source for schools and colleges.

Products and Services: They offer a comprehensive range of products that cater to various team sports like football, basketball, and soccer. BSN Sports is known for its extensive catalog that includes everything from basic PE supplies to specialized athletic gear. The company also collaborates with OPEN (Online Physical Education Network) to offer free supportive resources and lesson plans.

Quality and Durability: The company is acclaimed for its emphasis on quality. Their products are designed to meet the rigorous demands of team sports in educational settings, ensuring durability and performance.

Customer Service and Support: BSN Sports is recognized for its dedicated customer service. They provide tailored solutions to educational institutions, understanding the unique needs and challenges of these environments.

Price and Accessibility: While offering premium products, BSN Sports maintains a balance between quality and affordability, making their range accessible to a wide spectrum of educational institutions.

Unique Selling Points: BSN Sports stands out for its specialization in team sports equipment, catering specifically to the needs of educational sports programs. Their comprehensive catalog, coupled with a focus on quality and dedicated service to education, makes them a distinct player in the PE equipment market.

Check out BSN Sports for more information about their products and services.


School Specialty

History and Background: School Specialty, enhanced by its acquisitions of FlagHouse and Sportime, has evolved into a major provider for physical education and special needs solutions. FlagHouse, with its expertise in special needs therapy and healthcare products, and Sportime, a leader in PE equipment, both enrich School Specialty's extensive catalog. This integration offers a diverse range of products, making it a one-stop solution for physical education, recreation, and therapeutic needs.

Products and Services: School Specialty, including FlagHouse and Sportime, offers a wide selection of products for physical education, special needs therapy, recreation, and healthcare. This range addresses various educational and therapeutic needs, providing tools for a diverse set of activities and learning environments.

Quality and Durability: Their products are crafted to meet high standards of durability and quality, ensuring longevity and reliability in both educational and therapeutic settings.

Customer Service and Support: With the integration of FlagHouse and Sportime, School Specialty has strengthened its customer support, offering streamlined services and a unified customer experience.

Price and Accessibility: School Specialty's pricing strategy is designed to accommodate a range of budgets, making their comprehensive product offerings accessible to various institutions.

Unique Selling Points: The merger of these entities under School Specialty creates a unique platform offering an extensive variety of products, simplifying the procurement process for customers and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

For more details, visit School Specialty - Physical Education.


School Health (Formerly Palos Sports)

History and Background: In 2023, Palos Sports became part of School Health Physical Education, consolidating their offerings in PE equipment and resources. This merger aims to provide more comprehensive solutions in physical education, combining equipment, curriculum, training, and software. School Health (site owner) also encompasses segments like health services, special education, and sports medicine, offering a holistic approach to physical education and health​​.

Products and Services: School Health continues to offer Palos Sports' extensive range of PE equipment, ensuring customers have access to the same trusted products, plus more options for comprehensive physical education needs.

Quality and Durability: School Health, incorporating Palos Sports' products, maintains a focus on delivering durable, high-quality equipment suitable for educational settings.

Customer Service and Support: The merger enhances customer support by combining School Health's resources with Palos Sports' customer-centric approach, ensuring a smooth, supportive shopping experience.

Price and Accessibility: School Health, with its expanded range, offers competitive pricing and accessible options, catering to various educational budgets. Palos has typically been less expensive as some of the other PE equipment distributors.

Unique Selling Points: The merger provides a simplified shopping experience with a wider range of products, emphasizing convenience and quality in physical education equipment. Maintaining lower prices would be an additional advantage for School Health, making their offerings even more appealing to customers.

For more information about this transition and the available products, visit


S&S Worldwide

History and Background: S&S Worldwide, with over a century of experience, is deeply rooted in providing educational and recreational products. Since its inception in 1906 by the Schwartz family, the company has focused on the well-being of America’s children and special populations, offering products that encourage play and learning.

Products and Services: Their range encompasses a variety of PE, recreation, and learning products, designed to be engaging and hands-on. S&S Worldwide offers materials that support creative educational spaces and activities.

Quality and Durability: The company maintains a commitment to quality, ensuring that their products are not only engaging but also durable and suitable for various educational and recreational uses.

Customer Service and Support: S&S Worldwide prides itself on being the "Helpful Company," emphasizing customer satisfaction and ease of service, providing support and assistance tailored to customer needs.

Price and Accessibility: They stand out with their "Nation's Lowest Price Guarantee," ensuring affordability alongside their extensive product range, making them accessible to a wide educational audience.

Unique Selling Points: Their 100% satisfaction guarantee and no-hassle return policy, coupled with a commitment to competitive pricing and excellent customer service, make S&S Worldwide a distinct choice for educational and recreational needs.

For more detailed information, visit S&S Worldwide.


Amazon - Physical Education Equipment

History and Background: Amazon has become a popular choice for physical education teachers due to its competitive pricing, vast selection, and speedy delivery. Offering a wide range of PE equipment from various brands, Amazon allows educators to access a diverse array of products. This includes traditional sports equipment, innovative fitness tools, and educational materials suitable for PE classes. The convenience of quick delivery and easy access to a multitude of options (security solution), makes Amazon an attractive platform for teachers looking to equip their classes efficiently and affordably.

Products and Services: Amazon offers an extensive selection of physical education equipment, ranging from standard sports gear to innovative fitness tools, catering to the diverse needs of educators and students.

Quality and Durability: Products available on Amazon vary in quality and durability, with offerings from multiple brands and manufacturers.

Customer Service and Support: Amazon's customer service is known for its efficiency, with a focus on providing quick resolutions and facilitating easy returns.

Price and Accessibility: One of Amazon's key advantages is its competitive pricing, coupled with the convenience and speed of delivery, making it an attractive option for schools.

Unique Selling Points: Amazon's vast selection, competitive pricing, and fast shipping are its major attractions for PE teachers looking for a convenient and affordable shopping experience.

Click here to view Amazon's Physical Education Equipment Sales page.


Other PE Equipment Supplier Choices

While the companies featured earlier are among the most popular for PE teachers and schools to purchase equipment, there are several other notable companies also worth considering for your physical education needs. Each offers a unique range of products and services that can be valuable additions to any physical education program. Here's a look at a few more options to explore:

  • Wolverine Sports: Specializing in quality physical education, fitness, and athletic

  • Toledo Physical Education Supply: Focused on providing a range of physical education supplies and equipment, Toledo Physical Education Supply is known for its diverse product offerings tailored to educational settings. More information can be found at Toledo Physical Education Supply.

  • Great Lakes Sports: Offering a variety of sports and physical education equipment, Great Lakes Sports is recognized for its quality products catering to the needs of schools and sports teams. Find out more at Great Lakes Sports.

  • Gear Up Sports: Specializes in custom sports apparel and equipment, offering solutions for team uniforms and gear. Their focus is on personalized service and quality products. More details are available at Gear Up Sports.

  • Gym Closet: Specializes in providing a variety of physical education and athletic equipment tailored to meet the needs of schools and institutions. Click the following link to find out more: Gym Closet.


Personal Experiences

Throughout my 30-year career in elementary PE, I primarily purchased equipment from US Games and Sportime, now a subsidiary of School Specialty. These companies were on target and reliable in providing equipment for large classes of 60 to 100 students. I had positive experiences, including smooth returns when needed. Cost was a significant factor, but often distributors offered specialized deals. Though I haven't personally ordered from Amazon for PE, its cost benefits are worth considering. It's advisable to check reviews, ideally from PE professionals, and compare prices across companies. Additionally, attending state and national conferences is an excellent way to connect with company representatives and possibly negotiate better deals.

Pickett's Mill Elementary - Stations Using a Variety of PE Equipment


Final Thoughts

Our exploration of top PE equipment suppliers has highlighted the importance of quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction in choosing the right equipment for PE classes. This exploration has opened doors to various options, each with its unique strengths, catering to different needs and budgets in the educational sector. I encourage you to share your personal experiences and preferences in the comments. Your insights contribute significantly to our collective understanding and assist others in their decision-making process. Engaging in this dialogue enriches the PE community, fostering a network of informed and resourceful educators.

PE Equipment Companies


FREE VISUAL GUIDE - Top Physical Education Equipment Suppliers for 2024

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