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100th Day of School Activities: 15 Unique PE Movement Ideas and Activities to Celebrate 100 Days

Reaching the 100th Day of School is a huge achievement that many students look forward to celebrating at their school. Commemorating this significant milestone usually involves sprucing up learning areas, dressing in 100th day apparel and participating in fun activities that revolve around the number one hundred! For physical education teachers, incorporating 100th Day activities into their lesson plans can be a great way to get students excited about physical activity and movement while honoring the milestone!

Celebrate the 100th Day of School with 15 Fun Physical Education Activities

Physical Education teachers have a unique opportunity to make the 100th Day of School an unforgettable event with creative and innovative movement activities! This moment is one that will be remembered for a lifetime, and PE teachers can guarantee its lasting impression. With creative PE skill and fitness-based activities and team challenges, PE classes can celebrate the milestone while promoting healthy habits and a love for movement. This way, students will have something special to anticipate on each 100th day of school.

Barb Borden's @BarbaraBorden9 Indoor PE 100 Day Stations and Activities

In this blog post, I'll cover the benefits of incorporating 100th Day movement activities and provide helpful tips for successful implementation as a school event. Additionally, you will find a selection of fun physical education activities and school ideas to commemorate this important day. With these engaging fitness and skill-based activities, your PE classes can be the highlight of the school year!


10 Reasons to incorporate 100th Day movement activities in PE

1 - Encourages students to be physically active.

2 - Helps celebrate a milestone in school.

3 - Provides a fun and engaging learning experience.

4 - Fosters creativity and imagination.

5 - Teaches math skills through counting exercises (opportunity to practice counting skills).

6 - Reinforces academic achievement.

7 - Teaches students about the importance of physical activity.

8 - Helps students develop healthy habits.

9 - Promotes teamwork and cooperation among classmates.

10 - Gives students something to look forward to each 100th day of school .

10 Reasons to incorporate 100th Day movement activities in PE

Pic by Christy Reeves @ChristyLReeves

Addressing Standards

By incorporating engaging and educational 100th Day activities and games, you can help ensure that your students meet SHAPE America Standard 5 which states: The physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.*


Tips for implementing the 100th day of school pe activities

  • Decorate the learning area: Decorating the learning area with 100th Day colors (red, white, blue, or gold) adds a festive touch to the school gym or classroom. Incorporate a gym or classroom party for some extra school fun. You can also hang up posters of numbers counting from 1-100 or cent-themed artworks that students have created.

Tips for implementing 100th Day movement activities
  • Choose activities that reflect your curriculum: Incorporate 100th Day activities that are related to the skills your students are learning. This could include students counting to 100, utilizing equipment such as hula hoops and jump ropes, or playing math games where teams have to complete 100 repetitions of an exercise.

  • Dress up to celebrate: Wear 100th Day attire or encourage students to dress up or accessorize. It’s a great way to get them excited about the milestone, show school spirit and enhance the school celebration.

  • Be creative with your movement experiences. Incorporating fun and engaging counting games and activities into physical education classes can help teach students math skills while having a great time.

Tips for implementing 100th Day movement activities

Pic collage of 100 Day Activities by Mike Bohanon @mbohannon4

  • Break up larger tasks: To make the task more manageable, break up the goal into smaller chunks. For example, if you want to complete 100 jumps in a row, break it up into 10 sets of 10 jumps.

  • Incorporate team challenges: Incorporating team activities is a great way to get students excited about physical activity and promote teamwork. Have teams compete against each other to see who can get to 100 first or have them work together to complete a task with 100 elements.

  • Provide incentives: Offer rewards such as stickers and certificates when teams complete their 100th day goals. This will encourage students to stay on task and make the activity more enjoyable!

Veronica Brand's @CoachBrandPE outdoor PE 100 Day Stations and Activities

  • Take pictures or videos: Share them with parents and other members of the school community. This will help to capture the moment and make it something special for everyone.


100th Day Station Student Challenges

Dribble a Ball 100 Times

Students dribble a basketball for 100 repetitions, either in one place or while moving around the gym. Encourage students to use only one hand at a time and to dribble under control.

100 Day Stations- Dribble a Ball 100 Times

Volley a Ball 100 Times

Students volley a beachball, volleyball trainer regulation volleyball for 100 repetitions. Challenge kids to use 2-hand bumps and sets instead of tipping it up only using one hand.

100 Day Stations- Volley a Ball 100 Times

Jump Over a Hoop 100 Times

Students jump over a hula hoop for 100 repetitions. The goal is to complete all 100 jumps with good technique in the least amount of time possible.

100 Day Stations- Jump Over a Hoop 100 Times

Toss and Catch a Beanbag 100 Times

Students toss and catch a beanbag for 100 repetitions. Encourage students to use 1 hand tosses with 1 or 2 hand catches. The beanbag should travel over their heads before descending.

100 Day Stations- Toss and Catch a Beanbag 100 Times

Jump Rope 100 Times

Students jump rope for 100 repetitions. Encourage them to try different jump skills and speeds with the jump rope. They can execute jumps with a rope turning in either forward or backward direction.

100 Day Stations- Jump Rope 100 Times

Perform 100 Jumping Jacks

Students perform 100 jumping jacks. Encourage kids to finish the jumping jacks with proper form, prompting them to hold their head up and spread out their arms and legs all throughout the exercise.

100 Day Stations- Perform 100 Jumping Jacks

Tap a Balloon 100 times

Students tap a balloon using a paddle or pool noodle for 100 repetitions. The goal is to keep the balloon floating in the air without it touching the ground, using only their hands and feet.

100 Day Stations- Tap a Balloon 100 times

Run Around a Hoop 100 Times

Students run around a hula hoop for 100 repetitions. Encourage students to run in both clockwise and counterclockwise directions while maintaining control of the movement.

100 Day Stations- Run Around a Hoop 100 Times

Pass a Ball Around Your body 100 Times

Students pass a ball around their body for 100 repetitions. The aim is to complete a hundred waist pass-arounds as fast as possible while keeping the ball in constant motion by passing it from hand to hand.

100 Day Stations- Run Around a Hoop 100 Times


100th Day Group Games, Activities and Relays

10 X 10 Relay

Divide the class into teams and have them form a line at a startling line. Give each team has a bucket filled with 10 objects (i.e. beanbags, cotton balls, marbles, or small toy figures). At the signal to go, the first person in line must take one object from their bucket, travel a set distance, and place it in another bucket. Each person in the group goes one at a time in succession. Once all 10 objects have been moved, the reverse action takes place. Students travel to the bucket and bring each object back one at a time. The first team to move all of their objects back and forth from bucket to bucket 10 times wins!

100 Object School Scavenger Hunt

Split your PE classes into smaller teams and have each group hunt for a collection of 100 objects (such as pencils, marbles, decorations, etc.). Place the objects out in a safe place before class and make sure they can be found in and around the school building. Make sure their are enough objects for each group to find all 100. Working in teams, each small group formulates a swift strategic plan and collaborates to locate and acquire all 100 items. The team that successfully locates all of their items the quickest will be victorious!

100th Day Group Games, Activities and Relays

100 Agility Challenge

Spread 100 pieces of equipment - including polyspots, ropes and hula hoops - in a uniform or random pattern throughout the playing area. Encourage students to explore the course of equipment on their own, in pairs, or with a small group. They can take whichever path they find most appealing! The students must make it through all 100 items with speed, accuracy, and control.

100 Yard/Feet Relays

Create teams of 3 or 4 students - or whatever number best suits your class size. Provide each group with a baton or any other object to exchange between teammates. On the signal to go, each team member must run 100 yards or feet and pass off the baton or item to their next teammate. Teams can measure the speed at which they complete a task, striving to break their own personal record or compete against other teams in an exciting race! See who will be the quickest team when all their members have run 100 yards or feet first.

100th Day Group Games, Activities and Relays

100 Rep Group Challenge

Divide students into small teams and give provide the teams with 10 exercises (jumping jacks, push-ups, burpees, star jumps, curl-ups etc.) they must complete. Each exercise must be done by one person in the group with a goal of completing 10 reps as fast as possible. 10 x 10 + 100 total reps. The goal is to have all individuals in the group complete 10 reps of each exercise as quickly as possible. Teams can challenge themselves to beat their best time or strive to be the first team to complete the entire 100 rep challenge task.

100 Lego Relay Challenge

Encourage collaboration and creativity among your students by forming small groups of 3-4 individuals. Instruct each group to use a specified locomotor movement to travel a short distance with the goal of constructing an impressive Lego structure composed of 100 pieces! Working together as a team, they must strive to accomplish their task in the quickest time while taking turns. This activity also helps with problem solving, communication, and collaboration skills. It encourages out-of-the-box thinking and creative solutions. The team that can build their structure with 100 pieces the fastest wins! Structures can be later evaluated for their creative and practical design.

100th Day Group Games, Activities and Relays


Final Thoughts

Every year, the 100th day of school serves as a notable event for students to look forward to. With this milestone in mind, why not use it as a chance to recognize physical education and motivate physical activity and healthy habits? It’s a win-win that gets kids excited and it can create meaningful memories for students and spark enthusiasm for your physical education class. The 15 highlighted activities in this blog are a great start to celebrate the 100th day of school with your class, get everyone up and active, and create a lasting impression.

The 15 highlighted ideas in this article are just a few of the many school activities that physical education teachers can use to celebrate the 100th Day of School and get kids moving. With a little creativity and some planning ahead, PE classes can be transformed into something truly special on this day! So get out there and start celebrating!

Happy 100th Day everyone!


Need Resources?

Do you need a practical way to get your students moving as soon as they walk into your learning area? Do you need something that incorporates the 100th Day theme? If so, Cap'n Pete's Power PE has you covered!

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This freebie set will be sure to enhance your PE curriculum for years!


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Together these 3 products will give you several days worth of movement activities to help you “celebrate” students 100th school day. Teachers can also use the activity sets to concentrate on counting by 10’s to 100. Just copy, laminate and use in your PE/Health or classroom curriculum for years!

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