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The “Celebrate 100” Fitness Blasts are a fun and active collection of workout cards, signs or posters that can easily be used by a physical education or classroom teacher to provide your students with a quality, fitness-based activity that they will absolutely LOVE!


This valuable resource is made up of 10 distinct MINI-BLAST workouts that provide an energetic, self-guided movement experience for the students to participate in. Each of the 10 workouts showcases 10 FUN movements that require 10 repetitions or seconds of action!!


The Fitness Blasts can be applied using a few different methods within a PE lesson or as a great warm-up activity. Classroom teachers can use the “Celebrate 100” Fitness Blasts as a Brain Boosting activity during those times of the day when their students just need to move!


Instructions are provided for implementing the activity the following ways:

1. Station Cards

2. Trading Cards

3. Power Point and Projector

4. Posters Around the Room

Celebrate 100 Fitness Blasts: 10 ACTION-PACKED Workouts

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