The 100 Days of School Movement Stations are 20 fun filled, 100-day themed station cards that you can use in your school gymnasium, outside the building or can be modified and performed in a smaller space such as a classroom or empty cafeteria. Each movement card provides a fitness or manipulative-skill activity/exercise that includes a brief instructional direction and a graphic that depicts the activity. 

Each activity card is framed with a 100 Day background to help “drive home” the 100 Days of school celebration. The activities are NASPE standard-based and there are plenty of activities for you to choose from or for the students to take part in during multiple class periods if necessary. 

These 100 Days of School Movement Stations are ideal for a physical education or classroom teacher to use during the 100th day of school week to reinforce movement concepts such as dribbling, tossing, catching, twirling, volleying, jumping, scooting, locomotor movement and flexibility. These stations were created to be “FUN” and your students will ask you to bring them out every year during this special time of the year!


**Since 100 repetitions is a lot for younger students to count, have them work with a partner, trio or small group and use the activity as a math lesson too; adding the number of combined repetitions to equal 100 per station rotation

**Use the 100 Days of School Movement Stations over multiple days leading up to the actual 100th day and divide the 100 reps into the number of days you use them, giving you a perfect opportunity to discuss division with the 3rd, 4th and 5th graders

**Classroom teachers could borrow some equipment from a PE teacher and use the movement stations as an "Energizer" or "Brain Break" during a "stressful" day in the classroom. Try moving some desks in your classroom, going outside or asking to borrow some gym or cafeteria space during the day (when others are not occupying the space)!

100 Days of School: 20 Movement Stations

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