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The Top 20 Physical Education Blogs: Essential Reads for Every PE Teacher

Physical education is more than just a subject; it's a vital part of a student's holistic development, intertwining physical health, mental well-being, and social skills. In recent years, the landscape of physical education has evolved, integrating technology, adopting new methodologies, and emphasizing a more inclusive approach to student fitness and wellness. This evolution has been significantly influenced by the wealth of information available online, particularly through blogs written by experienced educators and thought leaders in the field.

The Top 20 PE Blogs: Essential Reads for Every Physical Education Teacher

These physical education resources not only offer practical teaching strategies and resources but also provide a platform for discussing contemporary issues in PE, sharing experiences, and fostering a global community of educators. As PE continues to adapt to changing educational needs and expectations, these blogs serve as a beacon, guiding educators through the ever-evolving landscape of physical education.


Criteria for Selection

Selecting the top blogs for this list was an intricate process, involving extensive research and careful consideration of several factors. The primary criteria included:

  1. Content Relevance: Blogs that specifically cater to the needs and challenges faced by physical education and health professionals, offering relevant content such as lesson plans, teaching strategies, and student engagement techniques.

  2. Quality of Information: Only blogs providing accurate, well-researched, and up-to-date information were considered. This ensures that the content is not only engaging but also educationally sound.

  3. Frequency of Updates: Regularly updated blogs were prioritized, as they offer a continuous stream of fresh ideas and reflect the latest trends and developments in the field of physical education.

  4. Engagement and Community Interaction: Blogs that foster a sense of online community through interactive features like comments, forums, or social media engagement were highly valued. This interaction enhances the learning experience and provides a platform for PE teachers to share insights and experiences.

  5. User Experience: Ease of navigation, readability, and the overall aesthetic of the blog site also played a crucial role in the selection process, ensuring that the content is not only valuable but also accessible and enjoyable to read.

This comprehensive approach ensures that the selected PE blogs are not only informative and useful but also inspiring and engaging, making them invaluable physical education resources for teachers worldwide.


Top 20 Physical Education Blogs for 2023/24

The following blogs were researched and selected based on their content richness, engagement value, and overall quality of material. To provide a comprehensive overview, I have composed a paragraph for each blog, including a link and highlighting what I consider its most valuable attributes. These blogs are a treasure trove of information, ranging from innovative teaching strategies to the latest trends in physical education.

The blogs listed below have been organized alphabetically, reflecting no particular preference or ranking. This organization is intended to facilitate easy navigation and equal recognition of each blog's unique contributions to the field of physical education."


Click the link to jump to any of the highlighted physical education website reviews:


1 - Cap'n Pete's Power PE

The Power PE Blog, hosted at Cap'n Pete's Power PE, is a dynamic and resource-rich platform created by Pete Charrette. It offers an expansive array of tools, resources, and expert advice aimed at enhancing the practice of physical education teachers. This blog covers a broad spectrum of topics, including innovative PE activities, games, lesson planning, teaching strategies, assessment techniques, field day planning, and much more. Each blog post is not only informative but also comes with free, downloadable resources that can be quickly and easily integrated into PE classes. The blog’s diverse content ranges from practical classroom management strategies to the latest trends in physical education, catering to both new and experienced educators.

Best Attributes: The most notable aspect of this blog is its extensive library of resources, which are highly practical and adaptable to various teaching settings. The materials are designed to be student-friendly and align with educational standards, making them a perfect fit for any physical education program. Additionally, Pete Charrette's expertise as an experienced PE teacher adds a layer of authenticity and reliability to the content, ensuring that readers are getting field-tested strategies and advice.


2- Down With PE

The Down With PE blog, found at Down With PE, is a refreshing and innovative platform that reimagines physical education. the blog, written by Marcus Down; Educator and Consultant, focuses on breaking down traditional barriers and stereotypes associated with PE, promoting a more inclusive and diverse approach. The blog addresses a variety of topics, including new methods for engaging all students, integrating technology into physical education, and developing social-emotional learning through sports and activities. Its content is designed to inspire PE teachers to think outside the box and create a more engaging and inclusive environment for their students.

Best Attributes: Down With PE stands out for its commitment to reinventing physical education to be more inclusive and engaging. The blog is a beacon for creative and modern teaching strategies, offering fresh perspectives on integrating technology and social-emotional learning in PE. Its forward-thinking approach makes it an essential physical education resource for educators who want to stay at the forefront of PE teaching innovations.


3- Drowning in the Shallow Blog

The Drowning in the Shallow Blog thoughtfully written by @ImSporticus (Twitter handle), offers a reflective and thought-provoking approach to physical education. It delves into the complexities and deeper aspects of teaching PE, encouraging educators to think critically about their practice and the impact it has on their students. The blog is known for its introspective posts that challenge conventional wisdom and explore the philosophical underpinnings of physical education. It covers a range of topics from teaching methodologies to student engagement and wellbeing, all presented through personal narratives and experiences.

Best Attributes: What sets Drowning in the Shallow apart is its depth of analysis and the personal touch in its narratives. The blog excels in offering a platform for deeper contemplation about the role of physical education in personal and social development. Its introspective style not only informs but also inspires educators to consider the broader implications of their teaching, making it a unique resource for professional growth and reflection in the field of physical education.


4 - Energetic Education

Energetic Education, created by Dale Sidebottom and available at Energetic Education, is a dynamic blog that intertwines physical activity, holistic health, and educational technology. It provides a rich array of content focusing not only on student well-being but also on the holistic health of teachers and educators. The blog showcases creative physical activities, insights into technology in PE, and strategies to promote positive, active learning environments. Sidebottom's approach is comprehensive, emphasizing the role of physical education in the overall development of both students and educators.

Best Attributes: Energetic Education stands out for its holistic emphasis on health, led by Dale Sidebottom. The blog is notable for its innovative and practical ideas, aiming to improve the well-being of both students and educators. Additionally, it offers a clean, visually appealing, and easy-to-navigate website experience, making it an invaluable and user-friendly resource for anyone looking to incorporate comprehensive health practices into their physical education programs and personal wellness routines.


5- Edutopia Physical Education Blog

The Edutopia Physical Education Blog, located at Edutopia, was founded by the renowned executive director and filmmaker George Lucas in 1991 as part of a broader initiative to enhance all aspects of education. This blog takes a strategic approach to transforming pre-K-12 education, including physical education. It serves as a platform for a wide array of PE topics and trends, catering to the modern needs of students and educators. The blog’s content ranges from innovative teaching strategies to the latest research in physical education, all aimed at helping students acquire and effectively apply knowledge and skills in their academic and personal lives.

Best Attributes: Edutopia Physical Education Blog is recognized for its strategic and comprehensive approach to physical education, reflecting the vision of its founder, George Lucas. The blog stands out for its ease of navigation and the diversity of topics it covers, making it an invaluable resource for educators seeking contemporary insights and practical approaches in PE. Its commitment to transforming education resonates through its in-depth coverage of the latest trends and methodologies in physical education.



The GOPHER PE Blog, presented by GOPHER Sport, a leader in physical education and fitness equipment for over 75 years, is a rich source of PE knowledge and insights. Accessible at GOPHER PE Blog, the blog features a variety of articles, including contributions from physical education expert Dr. Robert Pangrazi. It covers a wide spectrum of topics, from innovative teaching strategies and curriculum development to trends and best practices in physical education. The blog is designed to support and inspire PE teachers at all levels of education, providing valuable physical education resources for enhancing their teaching and student engagement.

Best Attributes: The GOPHER PE Blog is distinguished by its authoritative content, particularly the contributions from renowned PE expert Dr. Robert Pangrazi. The blog is backed by GOPHER Sport's extensive experience in the field, ensuring that the insights and resources provided are both practical and innovative. The website's user-friendly design further enhances its appeal, making it a go-to resource for PE teachers seeking expert advice and fresh ideas for their physical education programs.


7- HPE Website Blog

The HPE Website Blog, found at HPE Website Blog, is an initiative dedicated to making research in health and physical education more accessible and practical. It addresses the often daunting nature of academic research by breaking down complex jargon and statistics, making them understandable for teachers, administrators, and students. The blog offers a platform where pedagogical research in health and physical education is translated into actionable insights. It focuses on supporting educators and researchers in using research to inform best practices and enhance youth sport and fitness education.

Best Attributes: The most commendable aspect of the HPE Website Blog is its commitment to demystifying and disseminating research in a user-friendly manner. The site serves as a bridge between academic research and practical application, providing valuable resources for those invested in the pedagogy of health and physical education. Its focus on making research accessible to a wider audience, including teachers and doctoral students, makes it an invaluable tool for those seeking to base their educational practices on solid research.


8- Just Adapt It

Just Adapt It is a dedicated resource hub for adapted Physical Education (PE), focusing on inclusive and accessible physical activities for students with diverse abilities. The blog, a key feature of the website, offers a wealth of tools, ideas, and opportunities for collaboration. It aims to enhance teaching experiences and foster an inclusive learning environment. The regularly updated blog provides informative articles, practical tips, and inspiring stories from experts in adapted PE. It covers everything from inclusive lesson plans to individualized adaptation strategies, making it an essential resource for creating an engaging and inclusive PE curriculum.

Best Attributes: Just Adapt It excels in its commitment to inclusive physical education. The blog is a treasure trove of expert advice and practical strategies for adapting PE to meet the needs of every student. Its focus on inclusivity and accessibility makes it a vital resource for educators striving to ensure that every child, regardless of ability, has the opportunity to participate in and benefit from physical activities. The site's emphasis on collaboration and community-building among educators further enhances its value as a tool for sharing knowledge and experiences in the field of adapted physical education.


9- Keeping Kids in Motion

Keeping Kids in Motion, created by Justin Cahill, is a blog that champions the cause of active lifestyles for children in a device-driven world. Justin, a dedicated physical education teacher, husband, and father, shares his passion for keeping kids engaged in physical activities throughout the day. The blog focuses on the importance of movement for mental and physical health, offering a variety of resources such as lesson plans for PE teachers, brain breaks for classroom teachers, and monthly fitness challenges for families. It emphasizes the role of parents and teachers in promoting lifelong fitness and provides insights into the latest health and fitness trends affecting children and families.

Best Attributes: Keeping Kids in Motion stands out for its comprehensive approach to encouraging physical activity among children and families. The blog is a rich source of practical ideas, resources, and personal experiences shared by Justin Cahill. It's particularly notable for its creative lesson plans and brain break activities that cater to various learning styles, making it an invaluable resource for educators and parents alike. The inclusion of videos and detailed lesson plans enhances its utility, ensuring every day can be an active and engaging one for kids.


10- LAMPE (Learning About Meaningful Physical Education)

LAMPE, short for Learning About Meaningful Physical Education, is a profound research initiative that explores the nuances of physical education teaching and learning. Hosted on LAMPE's website, it's an extensive project funded by various esteemed bodies including the Social Science and Humanities Research Council of Canada and the Irish Research Council. The blog delves into the methods teacher educators can use to prepare future PE teachers and coaches, focusing on fostering meaningful engagement in physical activity. The website offers insights into the ongoing research and its global implications, making it a treasure trove of information for educators and researchers alike.

Best Attributes: LAMPE's unique strength lies in its deep research-based approach to physical education. It offers a rich blend of theoretical insights and practical strategies, providing educators with a robust framework to implement meaningful physical education. The project's global scope and its focus on longitudinal studies make it a significant contribution to the field, offering fresh perspectives and data-driven approaches to PE teaching and learning. The website not only serves as an information hub but also as a platform for professional development and global collaboration among educators.



The PE4EVERYKID Blog, titled "This Week in P.E. with Mr. Graham," is a vibrant and informative blog created by Mike Graham, a distinguished physical education teacher and award recipient, including the SHAPE America Midwest District Elementary PE Teacher of the Year (2021) and Illinois Elementary PE Teacher of the Year (2019). Located at PE4EVERYKID, the blog offers a weekly glimpse into the activities and resources used in Mr. Graham's teaching at Williamsburg Elementary. It's designed to inform parents about their children's PE learning and serves as an inspiration for other PE teachers seeking new ideas for their programs.

Best Attributes: One of the key strengths of PE4EVERYKID is Mike Graham’s ability to showcase practical and engaging PE activities. His weekly updates provide a rich source of ideas and inspiration for PE teachers looking to enhance their curriculum. The blog not only serves as a valuable tool for parent engagement but also fosters a community of sharing and collaboration among PE educators. Mike's expertise and accolades add credibility and depth to the content, making it a go-to resource for innovative and effective PE teaching strategies.


12- The PE Geek Blog

The PE Geek Blog, authored by Jarrod Robinson, is a cutting-edge platform focusing on the intersection of physical education and technology. Jarrod, a Physical Education teacher from Victoria, Australia, brings a unique perspective with his enthusiasm for emerging technologies in teaching and learning. Available at The PE Geek, this blog serves as a crucial resource for PE teachers eager to integrate the latest tech trends into their educational practices. It covers a broad range of topics, from innovative app reviews to practical tech-based teaching strategies, making it an invaluable asset for modern PE educators.

Best Attributes: The PE Geek Blog excels in its focus on technology-enhanced physical education. Jarrod Robinson’s expertise in emerging tech tools and their application in PE provides educators with insights into the latest trends and best practices in the field. The blog is a treasure trove of information for PE teachers looking to embrace technology in their teaching, offering a wealth of ideas, tips, and resources to make physical education more engaging and effective to teach in the digital age.


13- The PE Blog from PE Office

Produced by PE Office Ltd, The PE Blog is a comprehensive resource for educators in the realm of physical education. Available at The PE Blog, it offers a wide array of content, including physical education blogs on teaching PE, fitness and health, lesson plans, individual sports, team sports, and coaching skills. The platform serves as a valuable resource bank for educators, providing a diverse range of materials to aid in the delivery and teaching of Physical Education. The website is designed for easy navigation, allowing teachers quick access to a plethora of information and resources tailored to various aspects of PE teaching.

Best Attributes: The PE Blog stands out for its extensive and diverse coverage of physical education topics. The ease of navigation coupled with the breadth of information available makes it an invaluable resource for PE teachers. Whether it's detailed lesson plans, fitness tips, game sense, or sports coaching strategies, the blog offers a wealth of practical and insightful content that caters to the needs of educators seeking to enhance their teaching methods and student engagement in physical education.


14- PEPRN Blogs

The PEPRN (Physical Education Practitioner Research Network) Blogs, found at PEPRN, is an international hub created by Dr. Ash Casey, a renowned Reader in Physical Education and Pedagogy at Loughborough University. This platform is designed to unite physical education teachers, coaches, activity leaders, and academic professionals from around the globe. Its primary goal is to facilitate discussions about practical teaching methods, young people's experiences in physical activities, and the latest research in the field. Dr. Casey's expertise in models-based practice, pedagogical models, practitioner research, and new technologies in physical education heavily influences the content and discussions on the site.

Best Attributes: PEPRN Blogs excel in fostering a global dialogue among PE professionals, offering diverse perspectives and insights. Dr. Ash Casey's leadership ensures that the platform stays at the forefront of pedagogical innovation and research. The focus on practitioner research and models-based practice, combined with the exploration of new technologies in PE, makes it a unique and valuable resource for educators and researchers seeking to deepen their understanding and improve their practice in physical education.


15- The PE Specialist Blog

Created by Ben Landers, also known as @thepespecialist, The PE Specialist Blog is a comprehensive resource for physical educators. Hosted at The PE Specialist, this blog offers a wide range of resources for PE teachers, including classroom management strategies, lesson ideas, teaching tips, technology resources, games, activities, and virtual teaching advice. Launched in 2014, The PE Specialist is not just a blog but a vibrant community aimed at enhancing physical education in schools and communities globally. It provides a platform for PE teachers to find inspiration, resources, and support, regardless of their experience level. Ben's blog and podcast cover a multitude of topics, offering practical information for both new and established physical educators.

Best Attributes: The PE Specialist Blog shines as an ultimate tool for physical education teachers. Its strength lies in the diversity of content, addressing everything from classroom management to the latest trends in PE. The website's commitment to inspiring teachers and providing a supportive community makes it a standout resource. Whether for a new teacher or a veteran educator, The PE Specialist offers invaluable strategies and resources to elevate teaching skills and ignite teaching passion, making it an essential platform for anyone in the field of physical education.


16- PHEAmerica Blog

PHEAmerica Blog, accessible at PHEAmerica, is an online publication by a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting active and healthy lifestyles. The blog features a variety of sections tailored to different educational levels and interests, including Elementary School, Middle and High School, Adapted PE, technology, and current issues in the field. It also offers "Quick Reads" for those seeking brief, informative articles. The blog serves as a comprehensive resource for educators and advocates, providing insights, strategies, and updates on promoting physical and health education in various settings.

Best Attributes: PHEAmerica Blog stands out for its wide-ranging focus and commitment to all aspects of physical and health education. The segmented approach of the blog allows readers to easily find content relevant to their specific needs, whether they are looking for information on adapted PE, technology integration in education, or current trends and issues. The inclusion of Quick Reads is a thoughtful addition, catering to busy educators who need quick yet substantial insights into the world of physical and health education.


17- The Physical Educator #PhysEd Blog

The Physical Educator: PhysEd Blog, created by Joey Feith, is a dedicated platform for enhancing the quality and impact of physical education. Located at The Physical Educator, Joey, a physical educator based in Kentville, Nova Scotia, and the founder of, has been working since 2010 to support PE teachers in adopting best teaching practices. The blog is a testament to his belief that intentional physical education can transform lives. It focuses on providing PE educators with resources, strategies, and insights to ensure that every child has access to effective and meaningful physical education.

Best Attributes: The strength of The Physical Educator: #PhysEd Blog lies in Joey Feith’s commitment to elevating the field of physical education with continuing professional development strategies on his site. His dedication to sharing best practices and innovative teaching strategies has made the PE blog an invaluable resource for PE teachers worldwide. The blog is a hub of inspiration and support, reflecting Joey’s vision of bringing physical education to an equal footing with other academic subjects. His optimistic and forward-thinking approach makes the blog a beacon of hope and progress in the world of physical education.


18- SHAPE America Blog

The SHAPE America Blog, accessible at SHAPE America, is an influential platform operated by SHAPE America – Society of Health and Physical Educators, the leading national organization representing over 200,000 health and physical education professionals. For more than 135 years, SHAPE America has been instrumental in defining excellence in physical education, with its National Standards for K-12 Physical Education serving as a benchmark for high-quality programs. The blog advances the organization's mission to promote professional practice and research in health and physical education, physical activity, dance, and sport. It is a vital resource for insights, ideas, research, and resources, contributed directly by the health and physical education (HPE) community.

Best Attributes: The SHAPE America Blog stands out as a comprehensive resource from the foremost advocate in physical education and health in the United States. It offers a broad spectrum of perspectives and expertise from members of the HPE community, including guest authors. The blog is not only a repository of knowledge but also a platform for professional development and advocacy in the field. Its ease of navigation and the wide range of topics covered make it an essential tool for educators and professionals seeking to stay informed about the latest trends, research, and best practices in health and physical education.


19- SPARK Blog

The SPARK Blog, found at SPARK, is a key component of one of the world's most evidence-based physical education and physical activity programs. The blog offers a rich array of articles categorized under Advocacy, Physical Education, Exercise & Fitness, and Health & Wellness. SPARK's primary objectives are the development of healthy lifestyles, motor skills, movement knowledge, and social & personal skills. The blog reflects these goals, providing educators, students, and health enthusiasts with well-researched and practical information that fosters a comprehensive understanding of physical education and its impact on overall well-being.

Best Attributes: The SPARK Blog excels in its evidence-based approach to physical education. It serves as a trusted resource for cutting-edge information and practices in the field. The blog's diverse range of categories ensures that it caters to various aspects of physical education and health, making it an invaluable tool for anyone seeking to enhance their understanding and application of effective physical education strategies. The focus on holistic development, including social and personal skills, sets the SPARK Blog apart as a leader in promoting comprehensive health and wellness education.


20- Slow Chat PE

Slow Chat PE is an innovative and interactive blog created by Justin Schleider, a dedicated physical education teacher from Central New Jersey. The physical education blog revolves around the unique concept of "a question a day" aimed at teachers, with a special focus on Physical Education and Health. Justin, the driving force behind slowchatpe and, is also the co-creator of several other notable PE platforms, including and He serves as the technology director for NJ AHPERD and is actively involved in providing professional development across the nation and keynoting at various conferences.

Best Attributes: Slow Chat PE stands out for its unique approach to professional development and community building among physical education teachers. Justin Schleider’s innovative use of technology to connect educators and facilitate discussions on relevant PE and health topics makes the blog an invaluable resource. The interactive format encourages active participation and continuous learning, making it an excellent platform for educators seeking to expand their professional network and engage in meaningful conversations about their field.


BONUS Review- slowchathealth Blog

The slowchathealth blog, a global platform for health education teachers, is curated by Andy Milne, who delivered a TEDx talk in 2019 titled "This is Not Your Parents' Health Class". Accessible at #slowchathealth, the blog primarily focuses on health education, with recent expansions into physical education, particularly in the area of "Meaningful Physical Education". The blog's main objective is to foster online discussions, resource sharing, and inspiration for health educators working with students of all ages. It serves as a space to amplify the voices of health teachers, encouraging contributions from guest bloggers. Additionally, the blog is a hub for the latest news on the sendateacher initiative, which supports sending teachers to the SHAPE America national conference.

Best Attributes: The #slowchathealth Blog is renowned for its commitment to enhancing health education. It acts as a catalyst for ongoing conversations among health teachers, leveraging platforms like Twitter and Voxer. The blog’s collaborative and inclusive approach, combined with its focus on current trends and best practices, makes it an essential resource for health educators. The initiative to support professional development through the sendateacher campaign further exemplifies the blog's role in advocating for and advancing the field of health education.


Final Thoughts

As a physical education teacher, staying informed and inspired is key to fostering a dynamic and effective learning environment for your students. The physical education blogs I've highlighted provide a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and practical strategies that can significantly enhance your teaching practice. From innovative approaches to physical education, incorporation of technology, to promoting health and wellness, these blogs cover a broad spectrum of topics essential for today's educators. While each blog has its unique strengths and focus areas, together they form a comprehensive resource that can support and inspire your journey in physical education.

Dive into this rich world of PE blogs and discover new ways to engage your students, refine your teaching methods, and stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of physical education. And remember, the learning doesn't stop here – if you have other favorite PE blogs or resources, feel free to share them in the comments. By doing so, you contribute to the growing community of physical education and health professionals dedicated to mutual growth and the betterment of physical education for all students.


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