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Hula Hoop Activities for PE: How to Incorporate Hula Hoop Games in Lessons

Not only are hula hoops a great way to get students up and moving in a physical education class, but they're also a lot of fun! They are a great go-to for any physical education teacher at the elementary or middle school level. They may be utilized in many different ways, and they can assist students to improve their fitness skills related to muscular endurance, agility, balance, coordination, reaction time, and speed. They are a true staple in physical education games and activities around the world.

30 Fun Ways to Use Hula Hoops in a Physical Education Class

Physical education hula hoop activities may be used in a school or at home to teach a variety of skills and PE concepts simply and quickly. They're an excellent tool for keeping a student's attention during any physical activity lessons. Ideally, each student should have their own hoop or one to share with a partner so they can do a variety of different and engaging activities with it. Hula hoop games can also be used for a variety of different group sizes in physical education classes. The hoops can serve as targets, bases, safe areas, or equipment reservoirs within a hula hoop game.

Hula hoops are adaptable and address PE standards

Hula hoops may be utilized as station ideas if your equipment closet is limited. The stations may be used in conjunction with other PE equipment or a unit's lesson focus.

Hula hoops are adaptable and address PE standards

If you have a large number of students, you could also have them collaborate in groups or trios to share the hula hoops. Hula hoop activities are also fun to do together with your parents at home. This can help you get support for your PE program.

Not only are hula hoops fun, but when students perform activities using them, they are directly addressing SHAPE America's Standard 1: The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns* The movements and activities you choose to use in your lessons using hoops can directly meet your national, state or district standards with ease.

SHAPE America Standard 1


Fun ideas for adding hula hoop activities in pe classes

Employ these 30 hula-hooping activities to keep your students physically active both inside and outside of class:

Instruct your students to do the following tasks either by practicing on their own, teaching each other, or working at different stations.

1- Fitness movements

  • Circle the Hoop- Walk, run, skip, gallop, hop or jump as you travel around the perimeter of the hoop.

  • Jump in and Out- Jump in and out of the hoop with 2 feet for a set amount of time.

  • Hop in and Out- Hop in and out of the hoop with 1 foot for a set amount of time. Switch feet.

  • Scissor Step- Perform scissor steps and switch your feet inside the hoop for a set amount of time.

  • Jump the Hoop- Jump 2 feet to 2 feet and travel across the hula hoop when you jump. Turn around and jump back.

  • Run and Jump- Take a few running steps and take off of 1 foot and jump completely over the hoop to land on 2 feet.

Hula Hoop Challenge Tasks

2- Hula hoop handling tasks

  • Pass the Hoop- Pass the hula hoop around your body from one hand to the other. Try going in both directions.

  • Step Through- Hold the hula hoop in an up position and step your body through it. Step back in the other direction.

  • Head Balance Step Through- Balance the hoop on the top of your head. Slowly step through the hoop one foot at a time. Step back through.

  • Hoop Jump Rope- Use your hula hoop like a jump rope and turn it over your head and back to the ground as you jump over it each time.

  • Toss and Catch- Toss the hula hoop up in the air and catch it with 1 hand or 2. Try clapping or touching the ground while it is in the air.

  • Hoop Balance Challenge - See how long you can keep a hula hoop in the air by balancing it on one foot or your hand.

Hula Hoop handling tasks

The visuals depicted above can be found at Cap'n Pete's Power PE site located here

3- Rolling and Spinning

  • Roll for Distance- In a large space area, roll a hula hoop to see how far it rolls before it drops down to the ground.

  • Roll and Jump Through- Roll a hoop (in a straight line) slowly out in front of your body. Run and jump through the hoop while it is still rolling. See if you can do it more than 1 time.

  • Spin and Run- Rotate the hula hoop like a spinning top. Run and touch the closest wall before the hoop stops spinning.

  • Spin Jack- Rotate the hula hoop like a spinning top. Perform as many jumping jacks as you can before the hoop stops spinning.

  • Spin and Plank- Rotate the hula hoop like a spinning top. Hold a plank position until the hoop stops spinning.

Hula Hoop Rolling and Spinning

4- Twirling the Hoop

  • Waist Twirl- Twirl a hula hoop around your waist in either direction. See how long you can keep it moving without it dropping.

  • Neck Twirl- Twirl a hula hoop around your neck in either direction. See how long you can keep it moving without it dropping.

  • Lasso Twirl- Hold 1 arm up in the air and twirl a hula hoop on your arm like you have a lasso spinning above your head.

  • Side Arm Twirl- Hold 1 arm out to the side and twirl a hula hoop on your arm either in a forward or backward direction.

  • Two Leg Twirl- Twirl a hula hoop around your legs in either direction. See how long you can keep it moving without it dropping.

  • One Leg Twirl and Jump- Twirl a hula hoop using only 1 leg to propel it. As it twirls around, jump over the hoop with the other leg.

Twirling a Hula Hoop

5- Partner and trio challenges

  • Balance Challenge- Invent new ways to balance the hula hoop. Challenge each other to see who can perform these new tasks.

  • Step or Jump Through- Have your partner hold a hoop beside them as they walk toward you. Step through or jump over as it passes by.

  • Hula Challenge- Challenge a partner to a hula hoop duel. See who can keep it twirling the longest without it dropping to the ground.

  • Build a Hula Hut- Build a Hula Hut using 6 hula hoops. Build using a bottom base, 4 leaning sides, and a cap on the top.

  • Partner Toss- From a comfortable and safe distance, toss and catch a hoop with a partner.

  • Create a Move- Create a movement using your body and 1 hula hoop. Challenge a partner to do the move. Use your imagination, stay in your space and be safe as you move.

  • Throw it Through- One partner holds a hoop at different height levels while the other partner throws a ball through it. Vary the distance the ball is thrown.

  • Short Line Relays- In short lines of 2 to 4, students go 1 at a time to perform a challenge task using a hoop and return back to the line.

3 in a line Hoop Relays


Final thoughts

The possibilities for hula hoop fun are endless! With a little imagination and creativity, you can come up with your own challenges and games to keep your physical education class engaged and active. I hope you will enjoy trying out these 30 different hula hoop movements and activities with your students. From rolling and spinning to twirling and tossing, there is something for everyone here.

10 Ways to use a Hula Hoop

I hope you enjoyed reading about these hula hoop ideas and are inspired to try them out in your learning area! Be sure to let me know which ones are your favorites in the comments below.

*SHAPE America. (2013). National Standards for K-12 Physical Education. Reston, VA: Author.


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