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In the highly competitive field of physical education, a well-crafted resume is your first step towards a successful career. This meticulously REFINED designed template is tailored to assist physical education professionals like you in presenting your qualifications with clarity, professionalism, and a touch of classic elegance.


Whether you're a seasoned educator with years of experience or a future professional eager to embark on your teaching journey, this template is here to support your aspirations.


Product Features


Versatile Layout Options

Choose the resume layout that suits your needs with the "Physical Education Resume Template - Traditional Refined Format and Style." Select between the One Page ATS Resume Template and the Two Page ATS Resume Template, depending on how much information you want to convey.

  • One Page ATS Resume Template: This option includes sections for Personal Information, Education, Teaching and Work Experience, Skills, and Professional Development.
  • Two Page ATS Resume Template: If you wish to provide a more comprehensive overview of your qualifications, this option includes sections such as Personal Information, Education, Teaching Experience, Work Experience, Skills, Achievements, Professional Development, and Interests.


Editability and Standard Sizing

  • Editability: All templates are fully editable in Microsoft Word, giving you complete control over your resume's and cover letter’s content and format.
  • Standard US Letter Size: Designed to fit standard American US Letter Paper size (8.5" x 11"), ensuring compatibility with common printing standards.


BONUS Resources

  • Editable Cover Letter: Includes a Traditional Refined Format Cover Letter. Use it to make a statement when you present your resume to a school district hiring manger or school administrator. This cover letter template closely matches the traditional refined resume format.
  • Unlocking Opportunities: The PE Teacher's Resume Handbook- The Ultimate Guide to Crafting a Standout Physical Education Teacher Resume. Use this 30 pg. handbook to help craft a winning resume and land that big teaching job!!!



Resume Template Benefits


Creating a winning resume should be as efficient as planning a PE lesson. These templates streamline the process, allowing you to invest more time in showcasing your qualifications and less time on formatting. Discover the advantages:


Streamlined Resume Creation

Just like planning meticulously for a PE lesson, these templates simplify the resume creation process. This means you can spend more time highlighting your qualifications effectively.


ATS Compatibility

In today's digital age, many employers use Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to filter job applications. These templates are ATS compliant, ensuring your resume is recognized and evaluated by these systems. It's akin to how you encourage students to stand out in physical education class.


Professional Presentation

Just as you aim for excellence in your physical education program, these templates help you present yourself professionally. They enable you to leave a lasting impression on potential employers, mirroring your dedication to delivering top-notch education.


Versatile Usage

Whether you're an experienced educator with a wealth of knowledge or a future professional eager to gain practical experience, these templates are adaptable to your specific background and career stage. They cater to educators at all levels, just like your teaching methods adapt to different student needs.


Instructions for customization

Creating your customized resume is straightforward. Follow these steps:


  • Download your preferred template (One Page or Two Page).
  • Open it in Microsoft Word (2007 or newer version).
  • Replace sample content with your personal details, education,
  • work experience, skills, achievements, and more.
  • Use the provided “Unlocking Opportunities: The PE Teacher's Resume Handbook” to help create impactful content.
  • Save your customized resume for submission in Microsoft Word and/or PDF. Note: For best results, it’s best to print the document in from the PDF rather than in the Microsoft Word format.



To utilize these resume templates effectively, you will need Microsoft Word 2007 or a newer version.


Note for Future Professionals

While the template showcases an experienced physical education teacher, it's versatile enough to accommodate future professionals. Simply adjust the "Teaching Experience" section to "Student Teaching Experience" and input your details related to student teaching and other field experiences.


Need Other PE Resume Template Formats?

Cap'n Pete has 5 PE Resume template formats (and a 5 Format Bundle) to accommodate all styles. Click the links below to check them out:


  • Traditional Classic FormatThe Traditional Classic Format offers a timeless and professional design, perfect for educators with a preference for a traditional yet elegant resume style.
  • Traditional Refined FormatIn the Traditional Refined Format, you'll find a polished layout that strikes a balance between classic and modern, catering to those seeking a touch of refinement.
  • Traditional Stylish FormatFor those who want to infuse their resume with style and sophistication, the Traditional Stylish Format provides an option that combines classic elements with a trendy flair.
  • Contemporary Polished FormatThe Contemporary Polished Format introduces a sleek and modern design, ideal for educators who want their resume to reflect a polished and up-to-date image.
  • Contemporary Clean FormatWith the Contemporary Clean Format, simplicity and organization take the forefront, making


Physical Education Resume Template: Traditional Refined Format

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