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The Top 20 PE Websites: Quality Physical Education Resources at Your Fingertips

Physical Education is an essential subject that promotes physical activity and healthy lifestyles among students. As PE continues to grow in importance, it's now more vital than ever before for upcoming and practicing PE teachers to have access to credible and innovative resources. With the internet being a primary source of information today, there are several websites that provide valuable resources for physical education and health teachers to take advantage of. Some of them have been around for a while while others are relatively new.

The Top 20 PE Websites:  Quality Physical Education Resources at Your Fingertips

To help make the search for credible physical education websites easier, I've put together a list of the 20 best PE websites for teachers for 2024. From online tools to instructional resources, these these websites make it easier for teachers to plan lessons and equip students with the resources they need to learn and be successful. Whether you're just starting out or are an experienced teacher, be sure to check out these quality sites.


Top 20 Physical Education Websites for 2024

The following websites were researched and selected based on their features, user-friendliness, and overall quality of material. In order to provide an overview of the sites, I have composed a paragraph for each one including a link and spotlighting what I consider its greatest attributes.

The websites featured below have been organized alphabetically, with no particular preference or ranking.


Click the link to jump to any of the highlighted physical education website reviews:

10 - PE Kansas


1 - Cap'n Pete's Power PE

Cap'n Pete's Power PE

Cap'n Pete's Power PE, created by Pete Charrette @capnpetespe, is an online platform that offers tools, information, and resources to help future and current physical education instructors better implement physical education in their learning environments. The site includes a comprehensive blog to help teachers create and sustain an exemplary physical education program. Each article is accompanied by FREE downloadable resources that can be quickly integrated into PE classes. Cap'n Pete also houses over 750 resources for physical education and health, such as PE activities, games, field day materials, virtual PE resources, templates, visuals, posters, sign packages, PowerPoint presentations, and much more!

Cap'n Pete's Power PE

Best Attributes: Cap'n Pete's Power PE has an extensive library of resources that can be used to support physical education instruction in a variety settings. The visuals are designed to be student-friendly, standards-based and educational. The blog is filled with expert advice and field-tested strategies for developing and maintaining a physical education program of excellence.


2 - CanadaGo4Sport

CanadaGo4Sport is a website that promotes physical literacy and active living for children and youth in Canada. The website offers a variety of resources and tools for parents, teachers, and community leaders to encourage physical activity and healthy lifestyles among children. It features a wide range of physical literacy resources, including lesson plans, activity ideas, games, and videos that are designed to develop fundamental movement skills, such as running, jumping, throwing, and catching. Canada Go 4 Sport also provides information on physical activity guidelines, safety considerations, and inclusive practices to support children of all abilities. The website serves as a hub for information and resources related to physical literacy and active living in Canada, helping to inspire and educate children to lead healthy and active lives.

Best Attributes: Canada Go 4 Sport is an invaluable website for teachers and physical education professionals looking to promote physical literacy and active living among children in Canada and throughout the world. The homepage is simple to explore and holds a plethora of resources that include easy to follow lesson plan instructions, videos for instruction for all facets of physical education.


3 -

CBHPE is an invaluable asset for physical education and health educators. This incredible resource was brought to life through the combined efforts of husband-and-wife duo Mark @Coachfoe and Becky Foellmer @foes4sports, two exemplary educators who have dedicated their lives to helping PE professionals succeed. The website intends to help facilitate the sharing of ideas for improving student learning by infusing technology, including Chromebooks and other devices, into Health and Physical Education classrooms. CBHPE offers an abundance of essential tools for physical and health educators, such as: an idea tank (for all PE levels), templates (printables, hyperdocs, lessons and tutorials), projector, stations (using devices & synchronous & asynchronous activities), GIF's for lessons, curriculum and assessment resources, app suggestions and so much more!

Best Attributes: A wealth of information and practical resources, shared by many educators in the field from around the world. Easy to find something to help plan and implement a winning lesson plan for a variety of unit and concepts relating to physical education.


4 -

The website, developed by Nathan Horne @PEnathan, is an online professional learning resource designed to give physical educators and coaches all the tools they need to deliver purposeful quality physical education experiences to their communities. The website provides a wide range of innovative and engaging resources for PE teachers to enhance their instruction and promote physical activity among students. These resources include free assessment tools, game resources, and visuals to enhance PE instruction and promote physical activity among students. also provides a library of online courses delivered by some of the world’s leading physical educators.

Best Attributes: is a comprehensive online resource for PE teachers, providing creative and innovative ideas, tools, and support to help deliver engaging and effective physical education experiences. The website’s library of online courses is an invaluable resource for PE teachers looking to hone their craft, while the free assessment tools and visuals provide the perfect resources to enhance PE instruction.


5 -

Developed by Aaron Hart @nyaaronhart, the website OPEN (Online Physical Education Network) provides quality, free physical education resources for K-12 educators and students. The website features a comprehensive collection of lesson plans, assessments, skill-based activities, and fitness challenges designed to enhance students' physical literacy and health.'s mission is to empower educators with the tools and resources they need to promote active, healthy lifestyles and provide high-quality physical education to all students, regardless of their background or ability level. The website's user-friendly interface and adaptable materials make it easy for educators to customize lessons to meet the needs of their students and create engaging, inclusive, and safe learning environments. OPEN also offers an expansive range of professional development initiatives, all designed to enhance teacher performance and student growth.

Best Attributes: All of OPEN's resources are free and easily accessible. They have a comprehensive library of standards-based materials for all levels of teaching. OPEN is staffed by a multitude of national trainers that offer unparalleled professional development for physical educators, health teachers, and all classroom-based professionals.


6 - PE Central

PE Central is one of the most established and comprehensive physical education websites available. It offers an extensive collection of best teaching practices, lesson ideas, assessment ideas, skill and fitness challenges, and adapted PE resources at each grade level. The website also offers a variety of online courses and resources designed to help physical education teachers grow and develop in their field! In addition PE Central provides a comprehensive video library for dances, lessons and more plus there are many bulletin board ideas to dress up a gym or classroom.

Best Attributes: PE Central has been an invaluable resource for physical and health educators, coaches and other fitness professionals over the years. Its extensive library of lessons and activities offer limitless possibilities – it's all FREE and simply amazing!



PE4EVERYKID is a school physical education webpage created by Mike Graham @pe4everykid for Williamsburg Elementary School. The website provides creative resources, ideas, and strategies for PE professionals to engage children in physical activity and promote healthy habits. The resources offered on pe4everykid include lesson plans, activities, games, and fitness challenges that are specifically designed to be inclusive and adaptable to different skill levels and abilities. It also includes a "This Week in PE with Mr. Graham" section where highlights of the activities and lessons are documented with video and downloadable resources. In addition, pe4everykid also provides resources for parents and caregivers to promote physical activity at home, including ideas for active play, family fitness challenges, and tips for incorporating physical activity into daily routines.

Best Attributes: PE4EVERYKID is dedicated to helping physical education teachers create a fun and inclusive learning environment for all. His resources and graphics are both teacher and student friendly and offer creative ways to engage students in physical activity. The website also provides parents and caregivers with resources for promoting physical activity at home, providing PE teachers with an additional way to support their students outside of the classroom.


8 - PhysEd Games

PhysEd Games is a website that provides a wide range of game videos for physical education teachers and professionals. There are literally hundreds of free game ideas designed to engage and motivate students in PE classes. All videos featured on the site are accompanied by a written explanation, including information about its grade level appropriateness, necessary equipment for play, and a brief description of the game. PhysEd Games offers a comprehensive array of fun and stimulating activities, sport-themed games, and team building experiences, that can be tailored to suit any age range.

Best Attributes: Overall, PhysEd Games is an excellent resource for PE teachers looking for visual-based (video depictions) to find engaging and fun activities for their learning areas. The videos are easy to follow and the instructions are clear and concise.


9 - The PE Geek

The PE Geek website, designed by Jarod Robinson @thepegeek, is a platform that provides resources, tools, and professional development opportunities for physical education teachers who are interested in incorporating technology into their teaching practices. The website features a variety of resources, including lesson plans, activity ideas, apps, and software tools, that leverage technology to enhance the teaching and learning experience in PE classes. The PE Geek also offers online courses and workshops on topics such as gamification, fitness tracking, and virtual reality in PE. The website serves as a platform for PE teachers to learn, connect, and share ideas about how to effectively integrate technology into their PE programs to engage students and promote physical activity. The PE Geek is a valuable resource for PE teachers who want to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the field of technology-enhanced physical education.

Best Attributes:

The PE Geek is the ultimate resource for everything technology in physical education. Read the blogs and watch the videos as you continue to develop your skills as a Physical Education teacher. Keeping up with the latest trends in tech-savvy physical education has never been easier, thanks to an expansive selection of content including lesson ideas, cutting-edge applications and software tools, plus online courses and workshops.


10 - PE Kansas

PE Kansas is a web-based curriculum tool, made possible through funding from the Kansas Health Foundation, that provides resources and support for physical education teachers in the state of Kansas. No matter where you are in the world however, PE professionals of all kinds can reap the rewards of this invaluable resource-packed website. PE Kansas offers a wide range of essential features, such as the creation of lesson plans with warm-ups, exercise options, activities, national standards, modifications, assessment, and safety considerations. Furthermore, you can store these lesson plans in PDF or Word format for future use and record keeping. This site is designed to empower future educators, provide continuity in substitute teacher situations and foster the highest standard of professionalism within physical education.

Best Attributes: With PE Kansas, physical education teachers have access to a comprehensive curriculum system designed to make planning and teaching lessons simpler. The website also provides helpful support documents and a lesson plan development feature that can be used as references in the gym or classroom. An invaluable resource for any educator!


11 - The PE Shed

The PE Shed is a website that offers a variety of resources and ideas to people all around the world. It's mission is simple: To make Physical Education teaching simple, fun and engaging. The website features a wide range of PE resources, including lesson plans, PE games, sport-themed ideas, and topic themed areas. The website's video content section provides learning material for both homes and schools, while a blog is filled with engaging physical education activities. The lesson plans provide everything a PE teacher would need to teach fun and engaging PE lessons. Every lesson plan is designed with a dedicated focus, recommended age group, and accompanying visual aid.

Best Attributes: The PE Shed is a great resource for teachers looking to bring fun and engaging physical education activities into their classes. It has a great deal of free content with the option to purchase premium activity and lesson sets. The PE Shed is a valuable resource for PE teachers who are looking for fresh ideas, resources, and support to deliver high-quality, engaging, and inclusive PE programs for their students.


12 - The PE Specialist

The PE Specialist is a website created by Ben Landers @thepespecialist, an outstanding practicing physical education teacher that offers an array of resources for physical education teachers that includes: classroom management strategies and tools, lesson ideas and unit overviews, teaching tips, technology resources, games and activities, music and dance content, virtual teaching tips, and much more! Ben also houses an extensive PE blog, highlighting a variety of topics, and a podcast that provides practical information for new and established physical educators. The site has a membership program with access to member only forums and unlimited downloadable content and resources!

Best Attributes: The PE Specialist provides a plethora of resources and strategies to help physical educators meet the needs of their students. In addition, the site helps teachers stay up-to-date on the latest trends in physical education and offers helpful advice for navigating the art of teaching PE.


13 - PE Universe

PE Universe is a website that serves as a community platform for physical education (PE) teachers and professionals. It offers a variety of resources and tools to help them enhance their teaching and engage their students in fun and effective physical activities. Renowned for its shared physical education videos, this website is the go-to resource for PE teachers seeking inspiration and guidance. It also allows teachers to share activity and lesson plan ideas and downloadable materials . PE Universe also provides a forum for PE teachers to connect and collaborate with one another, share their experiences and best practices, and exchange ideas and feedback.

Best Attributes: PE Universe has been around for a while and has an extensive library of teacher-shared videos highlighting activities, lessons and best practices. Seeking instructional videos tailored to the particular unit or lesson you're teaching is a breeze!


14 - Physed Review

The Physed Review is an established online website created by Kevin Tiller @physedreview that provides teachers with a wide range of free instructional resources, including games and activity sets, lesson plan ideas, assessment videos, at-home resources, bulletin board inspiration, station ideas, dodgeball alternatives, and much more! The website is dedicated to providing high-quality resources and support to physical education teachers around the world. Kevin also offers helpful tips and tricks for all up and coming or practicing physical education professionals.

Best Attributes: Physed Review has been around a long time and Kevin has provided a plethora of visual and video-based resources that are easy to understand and easy to implement in a lesson. The site also reviews many other physical education websites, equipment sets, podcasts, and YouTube channels. A GREAT site for PE teaching inspiration!!


15 - The Physical Educator The Physical Educator is a website created by Joey Feith @JoeyFeith that provides a wealth of resources and support for physical education teachers and professionals. The site hosts a valuable learn section with a comprehensive blog and a PhysEd Show with high-quality, educational content to help inspire your teaching. offers an extensive variety of free and premium, standards-aligned resources to help educators excel in their teaching practices while keeping students involved in physical activities. From games and visuals for instruction, activity concepts with assessments to materials designed specifically for the PE learning environment – all these can be found on this website! Furthermore, The Physical hosts a PhysEdU membership program - a platform designed to advance the professional development of physical educators.

Best Attributes: is a one-stop shop for physical education teachers and professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve in their craft. With its comprehensive library of resources, activities and assessment tools, this site can serve as an invaluable asset for any PE professional. Its unique membership program also provides an opportunity for furthering your professional development that you won't find anywhere else!


16 - SHAPE America

SHAPE America (Society of Health and Physical Educators) @SHAPE_America is a national organization in the United States dedicated to advancing the field of health and physical education. The organization provides resources, professional development opportunities, and advocacy efforts to support educators in promoting healthy lifestyles and physical activity among students. SHAPE America also works to influence policy and funding decisions at the national, state, and local levels to ensure that health and physical education are prioritized in schools and communities. Additionally, SHAPE America promotes research in the field and provides a platform for networking and collaboration among educators and other professionals who share the mission of promoting healthy, active lifestyles for all.

Best Attributes: Representing over 200,000 health and physical education professionals nationwide, SHAPE America serves as the voice for health and physical education professionals across the United States. The organization’s extensive community encompasses a vast array of health and physical educators, advocates, supporters, plus more than 50 state affiliates organizations.



The SPARKPE website is a comprehensive online platform that provides evidence-based, research-driven resources and curriculum for physical education (PE) teachers. The website offers a wide range of resources, including lesson plans, activity cards, assessments, and instructional videos, designed to promote physical activity, healthy living, and motor skill development among students. SPARK PE provides curriculum options for various grade levels and settings, including elementary, middle, and high schools, as well as adapted PE for students with disabilities. The website also offers professional development opportunities, including workshops and online courses, to support PE teachers in implementing effective PE programs. SPARK PE is widely recognized for its innovative and research-based approach to PE, providing teachers with the tools and resources they need to deliver engaging, effective, and inclusive physical education experiences for their students.

Best Attributes: SPARK PE is the perfect platform for teachers looking for a formal curriculum to promote physical activity, healthy living, and motor skill development in their learning space. The website offers formal, research-based curriculum options for various grade levels and settings, as well as professional development opportunities, instructional videos, and a wealth of other resources.


18 - Sport Australia

The Sport Australia website is the official website of the Australian government's leading agency for sport and physical activity. The website provides a wide range of resources, information, and services to support the development of sport and physical activity in Australia. One specific section - Sports Ability - provides activity cards that are accessible to all abilities, empowering children with the skills they need to succeed in sports activities while boosting their confidence and motivation. Each card offers the necessary details you need to organize and fulfill activities, in addition to providing information on how elements of each activity can be adjusted so that all children can participate. Through the adaption and modification of game rules, equipment and techniques, the cards provide fun and enjoyable opportunities for everyone to participate and achieve success.

Best Attributes: The sports ability cards from Sport Australia are free to download and easy to comprehend. They are comprehensive in nature providing set-up, equipment needed, skill focus, rules, teaching style, safety, environment needs, and student questions - Perfect for an elementary or middle school PE teacher.


19 - Support Real Teachers was established in 1998 by Dr. Cathrine Himberg and is now maintained by Kevin Shepard @supportREALtchr. The site is an initiative of the Center for Advancement of Standards-based Physical Education Reform (CASPER), a non-profit organization comprised of committed teachers, parents, school administrators and other stakeholders who recognize the importance of quality physical education programs. Support Real Teacher's goal is to encourage physical education programs to be catalysts in solving the problem of lack of physical activity among society. The website offers teachers a vast selection of resources to assist in the wide variety of components associated with their profession, such as physical education activities and lessons, ingenious DIY teacher hacks, and an array of essential safety related documents. Their library of advocacy content and records can be utilized to effectively champion the cause for physical education reform. In addition there is instructional videos, and resources pertaining to planning, assessment and classroom management.

Best Attributes: Support Real Teachers has a comprehensive suite of resources and information centered around physical education, making it an invaluable resource for any teacher looking to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments in the field. Their advocacy documents are also helpful in advocating for physical education reform. All in all, an essential site for any PE pro!


20 - Teach PhysEd

The website is a comprehensive online resource dedicated to physical education. The site was created by Ben Parillo @CoachPirillo, a prominent physical educator that resides in Texas. Teach PhysEd offers a wealth of information and tools for physical education teachers, including lesson plans, instructional videos, fitness challenges, equipment hacks, dance instruction, family fitness apps, animated GIF's, and product reviews. Whether you're a new teacher looking for lesson ideas or an experienced educator seeking fresh inspiration, is a valuable online hub for all things related to physical education. With its user-friendly layout and free resources, the website serves as a go-to destination for physical education teachers seeking to enhance their instructional practices and promote healthy, active lifestyles among their students.

Best Attributes: Teach PhysEd is the perfect destination for discovering useful physical education resources created by an experienced and knowledgeable teacher. With a wide variety of options available, you're sure to find something that meets your needs! The website's user-friendly layout makes it easy to navigate and find the resources you need. Plus, it's updated regularly with new content, so there’s always something new and exciting to explore.


Final Thoughts

As a physical education teacher, having access to quality resources is essential for helping students learn, grow, and thrive. The websites listed above all offer unique benefits that can help you maximize your instruction and ensure student success. From creative lesson plans to instructional videos and fitness challenges, these websites are sure to have something that will make your job easier! While no single website can meet all of your needs, each of these resources provides something special that can help you create the most successful learning environment possible.

Enjoy your PE Exploration!

Do you frequent any other PE websites on a regular basis? If so, let us know in the comments below! We would all love to hear what other sites you find helpful.


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Do you need physical education and health resources to help with your teaching?

Cap'n Pete's Power is an online platform that offers tools, information, and resources to help future and current physical education instructors better implement physical education in their learning environments. The site includes an informational blog that provides practical strategies for developing and maintaining a physical education program of excellence. This platform also furnishes over 750 resources for physical education and health, such as PE activities, games, field day materials, templates, visuals, posters, sign packages, PowerPoint presentations, and much more!


Cap'n Pete's Power PE TPT Store Cap'n Pete's Power PE on Teachers Pay Teachers is a vibrant and resource-rich digital store, designed to empower physical education and health

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