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A Comprehensive Guide to Physical Education Conferences 2024: Navigating Your Next Physical Education Conference

Physical education and health professionals are constantly seeking ways to improve their knowledge, skills, and practices in their respective fields. Attending conferences, conventions, and professional workshops offers unique opportunities for professional development, networking, and staying up-to-date with the latest research and innovations. Attending these events is crucial for educators, health professionals, researchers, and policy-makers as they provide valuable insights, innovative ideas, and an opportunity to connect with colleagues from various parts of the world.

The article will explore how attending a PE and health conference can benefit your professional growth and inspire you to incorporate fresh ideas in teaching. It will feature various in-person conferences, conventions, and workshops held by international, national, and state organizations. I will include an explanation and a website link for each event, along with the date and city where it will take place in 2024. Moreover, I will list nine things that you could expect when you attend a professional conference or convention. Let's get at it!!


What are the Reasons to Attend a Professional PE/Health Event?

As the field of physical education and health continues to evolve, teachers must keep abreast of the latest trends, best practices, research, and technologies to ensure their teaching is effective, engaging, and relevant. Professional conferences, conventions, and workshops serve as invaluable platforms for this continuous professional development. Here are several reasons why physical education and health teachers should consider attending these professional events:

1 - Continuing Education and Professional Development

First and foremost, conferences, conventions, and workshops provide an opportunity for continuing education and professional development. They offer a wealth of sessions, workshops, and keynote speeches that explore the latest research, methods, and trends in physical education and health that are important in their district, state or country. These insights can help teachers enhance their teaching strategies, develop new skills, and stay current in their field, ultimately leading to improved student outcomes.

2 - Exposure to New Ideas and Approaches

These professional events also expose teachers to new ideas and approaches that they might not encounter in their daily work. They can learn about innovative teaching methods, technologies, and resources that can make their classes more engaging and effective. This exposure can inspire teachers to try new things in their physical education programs and think outside the box in their teaching.

3- Inspiration and Motivation

Listening to keynote speakers, attending workshops, and engaging with other professionals can provide inspiration and fresh ideas for teachers to take back to their classrooms. Conferences can rekindle the passion for teaching and help educators become more motivated and enthusiastic about their work.

4- Continuing Education Credits

Many conferences and workshops offer continuing education units (CEUs) or professional development points (PDPs) that can be applied towards maintaining teaching licenses or certifications. Attending these events can help educators fulfill their requirements while also enhancing their professional skills.

5 - Networking Opportunities

Conferences, conventions, and workshops also provide ample opportunities for networking. Teachers can connect with other professionals in their field, share experiences and ideas, and learn from each other. These connections can lead to collaborative projects, job opportunities, and a sense of community among professionals.

6 - Insights into Policy and Standards

Attending these events can also give teachers insights into policy developments and changes in educational standards. Understanding these changes is crucial for aligning teaching practices with current expectations and ensuring students are prepared for future learning and life opportunities.

7 - Access to Resources and Tools

Many conferences and conventions feature exhibitions where companies showcase their latest products and services. Teachers can explore new teaching tools, educational technologies, fitness equipment, and health resources. They can also get firsthand demonstrations and ask questions to ensure these tools and resources are a good fit for their classes.

8 - Advocacy and Awareness

Attending conferences, conventions, or workshops can help raise awareness about the importance of physical education and health education in the broader educational landscape. Teachers can learn about current advocacy efforts, policies, and legislation that can impact their field, and be better prepared to advocate for the needs of their students and programs.

8 - Personal and Professional Growth

Finally, attending a conference, convention, or workshop can contribute to personal and professional growth. It can reignite a teacher's passion for their profession, provide fresh perspectives, and offer a break from the routine. This can lead to increased motivation, job satisfaction, and effectiveness in the classroom.

9 - Building a Professional Identity

Active participation in professional events can enhance a teacher's reputation and credibility within their field. Presenting at conferences or contributing to workshops can also help establish a teacher as an expert in their area of specialization.

Attending professional conferences, conventions, and workshops is a significant investment in a teacher's professional journey. It offers opportunities for continuous learning, exposure to new ideas, networking, and personal and professional growth. As such, physical education and health teachers should consider these events a vital part of their professional development strategy.


Top Physical Education and Health In-Person Conferences for 2024

Below are some of the top state, national, and international in-person physical education and health conferences to consider attending in 2024. They are categorized as follows: National (PE & health, adapted PE, athletic training, dance, health specific, sports medicine, strength and conditioning), Prominent US PE Conferences and Workshops, Highly Attended State Association Conferences, and Notable International PE and Health Conventions.

Click the link to jump to any of the highlighted "in-person" physical education and health conference reviews:

U.S. National Conferences and Conventions

Prominent United States PE Conferences and Workshops

Highly Attended State Association Conferences and Conventions

Notable International PE and Health Conferences and Conventions


National Conferences and Conventions

Physical Education and Health

SHAPE America Summer Institute

The SHAPE America Summer Institute is an excellent opportunity for PE and health educators to explore current issues, trends, research, and best practices in the field during the summer break. The institute includes a variety of workshops on topics such as injury prevention, physical activity promotion, and fitness assessment.

Dates: July 29-30 2024 - Minneapolis, MN


SHAPE America National Convention & Expo

The Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) America National Convention & Expo is the largest annual gathering of PE teachers and health professionals in the United States. The conference offers a comprehensive program that includes keynote speakers, research presentations, and interactive workshops on topics such as physical literacy, sports safety, and inclusive physical education.

Dates: March 12- 16, 2024 - Cleveland, OH


Active Schools National Summit

This three day event organized by "Active Schools" will bring together leading researchers, practitioners and educators to explore the latest trends in physical education and health literacy. The summit offers attendees a unique opportunity to learn about the most current research, gain hands-on experience with innovative teaching strategies, hear inspiring stories of success from fellow school administrators and teachers, engage with national leaders in PE policy development, and develop new skills to improve both teaching practices and student outcomes.

Dates: July 17-19, 2024 - University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, CO


NAHPL National Summit

The NAHPL is an organization that focuses on promoting health and physical literacy through various means such as professional development, advocacy, mentoring, and research in the fields of health, physical education, dance, and sport. It is a member-driven organization that values diversity and inclusivity. Nine professional educators founded the Academy in 2020 to promote the knowledge, health, productivity, and fulfillment of its members by focusing on health and physical literacy. The first annual summit took place in April of this year.

Dates: April 7-10, 2024- Baton Rouge, LA


Adapted Physical Education

National Adapted Physical Education Conference (NAPEC52)

NAPEC52 is an annual conference that brings together researchers, educators, clinicians and administrators from all over the world to share knowledge, experiences and best practices related to adapted PE. The event features a wide range of topics such as health literacy for people with disabilities, sport-specific adaptations, and inclusive coaching strategies.

Dates: Check back soon for dates, times and a venue for 2024!


NCPEID Annual Conference

The National Consortium for Physical Education for Individuals with Disabilities (NCPEID) Annual Conference provides knowledge, resources and development opportunities to physical education professionals from all over the world. Attendees will learn about current trends in physical activity, explore best practices in adapted physical education, and network with other experts.

Dates: Check back soon for dates, times and a venue for 2024!


Athletic Training

National Athletic Trainers’ Association Annual Symposium & Expo

The National Athletic Trainers’ Association (NATA) holds an annual symposium to discuss current best practices, research and trends in the field of athletic training. Attendees can take part in sessions on topics such as injury prevention, nutrition, recovery and more.

Dates: June 25 - 28, 2024 - New Orleans, LA



National Dance Education Organization (NDEO) Conference

The NDEO Conference is an annual event that brings together dance educators, administrators, and artists to discuss, learn, and share best practices in dance education. The conference features keynote speakers, research presentations, master classes, and panel discussions on various topics related to dance education, including curriculum development, assessment, and cultural diversity. Attendees can also participate in movement workshops and network with fellow dance professionals.

Date: September 29 - October 1, 2024 - Bellevue, WA (Seattle area)


Health Specific

ASHA's Annual School Health Conference

The National Health Education Conference is an annual event organized by the American School Health Association (ASHA). It provides an interdisciplinary platform for health educators, school nurses, counselors, and other professionals involved in promoting health and wellness in educational settings. The conference offers workshops, presentations, and roundtable discussions on various health education topics, including mental health, nutrition, substance abuse prevention, and sexual health education.

Date: October 16-18, 2024 - Pittsburgh, PN


Sports Medicine

The American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting

The ACSM Annual Meeting is a premier event for sports medicine and exercise science professionals. This conference offers a wide range of sessions covering topics such as sports injury prevention, exercise physiology, and nutrition. With a focus on translating research into practice, attendees can expect to learn about the latest advancements in sports medicine and how to apply them in their work. The ACSM Annual Meeting also includes an exhibit hall, showcasing the latest products, services, and technology in the industry.

Date: May 28-May 31, 2024 - Boston, Massachusetts


Strength and Conditioning

National Strength & Conditioning Association National Conference

The National Strength & Conditioning Association (NSCA) hosts a national conference every year to bring together strength and conditioning professionals from around the world. Attendees have the opportunity to network with their peers and hear about the latest research in areas such as exercise physiology, biomechanics and more.

Dates: July 10-13, 2024 - Baltimore, MD & Online


Prominent United States PE Conferences and Workshops

K-8 Elementary Physical Education Workshop (EPEW)

EPEW offers a platform for creative and inspirational teachers to share their expertise in teaching with those who want to enhance their skills. Numerous presenters, who are renowned in Physical Education, allow attendees to benefit from their knowledge. In addition to proficiency in areas like assessment, technology, and integrating standards, EPEW also enables networking opportunities with teachers from across the United States and globally.

Dates: July 15-19, 2024 - Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA


2024 National PE Institute

The National Physical Education Institute Returns! Most Anticipated K-12 #PhysEd Re-Boot! This PE Institute was created to re-capture the imagination of physical education teacher-leaders towards doing the hard work of connecting the written, taught, and tested curriculum in the same manner as other academic subjects like science, math, and language arts. This annual summer event takes place at the Sherrill Center Complex on the campus of the University of North Carolina - Asheville.

Dates: July 24-26, 2024 - Asheville, North Carolina - Sherrill Center/Kimmel Arena


KYSHAPE Summer Move, Thrive Conference

The Summer Move, Thrive Conference, hosted by the Kentucky Society of Health and Physical Educators (KYSHAPE), is an annual event (this year being the 3rd time) that aims to offer professional development activities, networking chances, and advanced strategies to health and physical education professionals. The ultimate goal of this conference is to help teachers better assist their students to succeed. The conference offers three days of comprehensive sessions, interactive workshops, and inspiring keynote speakers.

Dates: July 7-9, 2024 - Louisville, KY - Hilton Garden Inn


Share the Wealth PE Conference

Every year for over 35 years, physical education teachers have been attending the Share the Wealth PE Conference. The conference is organized by Georgia AHPERD at the end of January every year. It is an