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The YOGA INSTRUCTIONAL CARDS product is a “kid friendly” set of instructional YOGA printable cards/signs that can be used to teach a variety of “widely-used” YOGA POSES in a station or large group rotational format. Each card is uniquely designed to display and describe specific “poses” commonly used by practicing yoga instructors and participants around the world. 

The cards are specifically created to be easy to understand with attractive, eye-catching and kid-friendly illustrations. The instructional cues incorporate a variety of background and text colors which make the cards really “pop”!

The 24 Instructional cards can be easily set up in your gym, classroom or outside playing area, using little to no equipment. The YOGA Instructional Cards also includes 2 signs that can be posted in your learning area, to help students learn and subsequently articulate what YOGA really is and what it’s benefits are. 

The YOGA INSTRUCTIONAL CARDS PACKAGE includes the following items:

24 Instructional Cards (Pose Name, illustration, instructional cues and the SANSCRIT name)

2 YOGA SIGNS (1. Definition of YOGA and 2. Why YOGA- benefits) 

These YOGA Instructional signs are ideal for YOGA instructors or PE teachers to reinforce your yoga-pose teaching cues in daily classes, specialized units or practice sessions. Classroom teachers could also use individual cards from this activity packet inside their classrooms or outside in a playing area such as a playground or field. Home-school teachers could also use the instructional signs in a smaller setting to teach YOGA at home. The cards have been designed for 2nd through 8th grade age students.

YOGA Instructional Cards- "Kid Friendly" Cues and Visual Illustrations

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