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Inside this packet you will find a variety of YOGA instructional materials and visuals
that can be used by physical education teachers, classroom teachers, coaches, fitness instructors, camp counselors, and any other leaders of movement-based activity.


The Super Bundle consists of 6 of Cap’n Pete’s YOGA-Related products that includes:


1. YOGA Instructional Cards- "Kid Friendly" Cues and Visual Illustrations: A “kid friendly” set of instructional YOGA printable cards/signs that can be used to teach a variety of “widely-used” YOGA POSES in a station or large group rotational format.


2. Fidget Spinner PE Spin Boards- 9 YOGA, Balance and Flexibility Spin Boards:
A package of 9 pre-set spinner boards, each displaying 7 different Yoga, Balance or Flexibility (Static and Dynamic) movements. Students place a Fidget Spinner in the middle of the board and spin it to indicate an exercise/movement to perform.


3. Fitness Adventure Series- Mindfulness Mission: A high energy, fun and organized, PE YOGA-themed activity that can easily be used as a warmup, cool down, or instant activity. Students move around the playing area from sign to sign, reading and carrying out the indicated pose or movement and then performing a locomotor movement to the next sign.


4. PE Spin & Move- Yoga Edition: A set of 6 spinning wheels that work inside the PowerPoint platform. The wheels spin around and around and start and stop with a mouse click.


5. PE Distance Learning Series- 24 Yoga Poses for Home: A set of 24 Fun and Active Yoga task cards that students can use at home.


6. Yoga Poses- Top 10 Movement Visuals: A simple, large print, kid friendly, easy to read visual package of commonly taught YOGA movements/poses.

YOGA in PE: 6 Resource Super Bundle

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