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The Winter Olympics Sports Visual Display is made up of 15 full page and quarter page Olympic Event signs. Also included is a central graphic sign that combines all of the 15 Winter Olympic sport symbols together. The display can be used in a classroom or gym to help your students identify the 15 designated Olympic sport categories and help build excitement during the Winter Games!

The Winter Olympics- 15 Sport Display would be great for a bulletin board inside or outside your classroom or gym and would be an ideal reference point to have Olympic-themed discussions before, during and after the games. Teachers and students could talk about the individual sports, countries from which medal winners originate and news stories that come up as the games progress. 

The quarter page visuals could be printed multiple times and used in matching activities such as “Concentration” or used as movement activities in small stations around a room. 

Winter Olympic Sports Display: 15 Sport- Full Page and Quarter Page Visuals

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