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Valentine’s Day Physical Education Activities, Movement Experiences and Stations!


Download 7 ACTIVE and ENGAGING, large or small group Valentine’s Day movement and fitness activities that you can use for your physical education classes, school classrooms, or camp situations. The PE Valentine’s Day Super Bundle is a combination of 7 of Cap’n Pete’s DYNAMIC, fitness, and movement-based activity sets for teachers to utilize to get students moving in fun and interesting ways, incorporating a Valentine’s Day theme. Together these 7 products will give you several weeks’ worth of movement experiences that you can copy, laminate, and use during the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day, for years and years!


Each Valentine’s Day-themed movement activity set is unique and can be repeated multiple times during a school year. The students will get an intense workout but will not even know it because they will be having so much fun. These activities are “tried and true” and incorporate a variety of engaging methods to prompt students to move their bodies. Each product has high end graphics, and they are easy to implement at the beginning of class or as the focus of your entire lesson. The sets are clear and easy to understand so that teachers can quickly provide minimal instructions, turn on the music and let the students “GET BUSY!!”


What Resources are in the PE Valentine’s Day Stations and Fitness, 7-Set Super Bundle?


1- Valentine's Day PE Stations- 15 Heart-Power Station Cards ❤️

2- Paper Plate Activate- Valentine’s Day Edition 

3- PE Valentine Exercise Cards and 4 Valentine's Day Activities

4- PE Concentration: Valentine’s Day Version- 32 Matching Memory Cards

5- Heart-Filled Fitness- Activity Plan and 28 Heart Shaped Exercise Cards

6- Snowman Fitness Blasts- 12 Action-Packed Workouts ❤️‍

7- Valentine's Day Fitness Blasts- 12 FUN Workouts



⚡ FLASH BONUS  - For a limited time, the bundle includes the following NEW fitness-based activity set: Detective Fitness- 5 Fitness Code Task Cards and Recording Sheets. The “Detective Fitness” activity gives students the opportunity to participate in a small group, cooperative activity in which students attempt to decode task cards and perform fitness, locomotor, and manipulative skill missions around a designated playing area. They must also use their brains and determine and record what health or skill-based component of fitness they are using during each phase of their Mission.


Save 30% on the individual fitness activity resources when buying PE Valentine’s Day Stations and Fitness- 7 Product Super you get the flash bonus set: Detective Fitness- 5 Fitness Code Task Cards and Recording Sheets!! Together these activities will give you the ability to plan a multitude of PE lessons for the gym or classroom (or any movement area) that will keep your students engaged, focused and active!


The PE Valentine’s Day, 7 Set Super Bundle is a convenient and creative way for you to keep things fresh and teach “with a purpose!” The activity visuals are colorful with “top of the line” graphics and detailed activity and lesson instructions. The activities are non-conventional, cutting edge and super fun. They provide students new ways to enjoy movement which can serve as a catalyst to them leading lifelong, healthy, and active lifestyles. The activities are standards-based and align with SHAPE America’s current grade level outcomes.


Why Should I Download the PE Valentine’s Day Super Bundle?


  • Provides Organized Skill and Fitness Development Episodes
  • You Stay Relevant During Seasonal Situations
  • The Products Have High Ratings and Reviews
  • They are Easy to Implement During Daily Classes
  • The Activities are FUN, DYNAMIC and ENGAGING
  • The Sets Incorporate Student Friendly Visuals
  • Detailed Graphics and Instructions are Included
  • You Can Use Year After Year
  • The Bundle is Great for a Variety of Ages and Skill Levels

Valentine's Day PE Stations and Fitness- 7 Product Super Bundle

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