This product will provide you with 3 different formats of tournament brackets for up to 12 participants or teams. The forms and brackets will will help you “plug in” the number of classes , teams, small groups or individual players that you have in a sporting event or activity. 

The 3 formats included are: 1) Round Robin Style, 2) Single Elimination Style (Seeded for playoff), and 3) Double Elimination Style (Unseeded). This resource also gives you guidance as to how and when to use the different types of tournaments and provides advantages and disadvantages of using each format. 

To use the forms and brackets all you have to do is decide the number of teams that will be participating in the activity or sporting event tournament and print the corresponding tournament from the form(s) under the Round Robin, Single Elimination or Double Elimination section in the packet. Continue to keep up with the winning and losing teams and the forms are very easy to use and can be used for many different types of sports, activities or games. Tournament play can bring an entire grade level together for an exciting event at the end of the school year or can be used in a PE class, camp or small group club for individual or team play. 

Tournament Brackets - Round Robin, Single and Double Elimination

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