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The following “Thanksgiving Brain Breaks for the Classroom” are 20 easy and quick movements that students can perform when they need to move their bodies so that they can quickly “refocus” on their classroom work. 

Several Thanksgiving friends are depicted on the signs performing cool movements that students can perform directly at their desks (or within your classroom) with no equipment or items whatsoever….just their bodies. Each “break” sign has a Thanksgiving border, icon and a movement break message. 

These Thanksgiving Activities are ideal as ”quick energizers” during those difficult weeks and days leading up to Thanksgiving Break!

The product has 2 files; one with "full page" Thanksgiving breaks (8 1/2 by 11) and the other has "two to a page" Thanksgiving breaks to help conserve paper and ink and for those that like smaller cards in which to work with.

Thanksgiving Breaks for the Classroom- 20 Movement Brain Breaks

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