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The following product is a comprehensive elementary school, field day plan with accompanying documents and materials. The plan incorporates a beach theme (SURF’S UP) which can be modified to suit your school or educational setting. The package includes field day instructions, class, event and lunch schedules, optional scoring procedures and score sheets, and 17 relay-type events for the gym, blacktop, water area and grass field. 

Several documents, including the main field day packet are in Microsoft Word form so that you can edit to adapt to your school setting and situation.

Included in this product are the following documents:

1. An introductory overview and informational section about the product

2. A comprehensive “SURFS UP” Editable Field Day Packet Section 

3. A supplementary Folder (all in Word format so that you can edit) that includes the following documents:

• Parent Volunteer Request Newsletter
• Equipment Check off List for 17 Events
• Parent Volunteer Welcome Letter
• Field Day Campus diagram 
• EBlast Reminder Letter
* An informational flyer for VolunteerSpot (free sign up)

This product incorporates a “Beach” theme entitled “Surf’s up” with several of the events relating to water or beach related items or concepts. 

"Surf's Up" Field Day- A Comprehensive Elementary School Field Day Plan

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