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Being in the sunshine for extended time periods can eventually have some very negative consequences that include; severe sunburn, blistering, overheating, sunstroke and prolonged exposure could potentially lead to different forms of skin cancer. This Sun Safety poster provides a “kid friendly” list of simple, yet important steps your students can take when they go outside during the late spring, summer and fall months. The steps can be taught and used as a reminder for students when they go out for extended recess or when they are at home playing outside. 

The poster (in 5 colors) uses some cool BEES to outline 5 easy and relatable steps children can take when they head outside. The humorous, animated BEE pictures serve as kid-friendly visuals that catch your students eyes and help drive home the Sun Safety message.

The posters are in a Zip folder with 2 Formats- PDF and JPEG (originally set for 8 ½ by 11 sheets) but they can easily be copied on a school or store Poster-Maker to convert to a large sized poster. You can then place it inside your gym or classroom for your students to see and for you to reference while you teach your daily physical education lessons. 

This Physical Education Poster is designed for all ages but is best suited for students from Kin. through the 8th Grade 

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  • 25% off all items until Tuesday, November 24

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