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SEL Essentials on Display


Welcome to the definitive collection for fostering Social Emotional Learning in the dynamic world of physical education: the "SEL in Physical Education Poster Series - 6 Set Visual Bundle". This meticulously assembled package is your comprehensive resource for integrating SEL into your PE curriculum. Anchored by the vibrant "Welcome to PE: Where Every Activity Builds a Better You!" poster, this series encapsulates the essence of the CASEL 5 core competencies, beautifully rendered to captivate and educate.


  • Welcome to PE: Where Every Activity Builds a Better You! (Anchor Poster)
  • Self-Awareness in PE: Own Your Game
  • Social Awareness in PE: Engage and Respect
  • Self-Management in PE: Control Your Play
  • Responsible Decision-Making in PE: Make the Right Move
  • Relationship Skills in PE: Team Up for Success


  • Bonus Visual: "SEL in Action: The Game Plan" – A Synopsis of SEL Competencies on the Move



Diverse Learning Through Engaging Visuals


Dive into the depths of each SEL competency with five distinct visuals, where each one delves into key concepts of a single competency - Self-Awareness, Social Awareness, Self-Management, Responsible Decision-Making, and Relationship Skills. Crafted with care, these posters are not mere decorations but powerful pedagogical tools. They offer PE teachers a way to visually anchor each day’s lessons with clear, actionable strategies that students can manifest in their physical activities, ensuring that every lesson is an opportunity for personal growth and social development.


Versatile Display Options and a Special Bonus


Designed with the educator’s needs in mind, each poster is available in both PDF and JPG formats and comes with five color variations to complement any gym or classroom setting. They are perfectly sized for standard printing but also primed for enlargement on a poster-maker to create impactful, large-scale visuals. To enrich this collection further, you'll receive the "SEL in Action" bonus visual, which encapsulates all five CASEL competencies on a vibrant gym floor, offering an overarching view of SEL in action. Place these posters around your gym or playing area for a constant source of inspiration and guidance, making the SEL in Physical Education Poster Series - 6 Set Visual Bundle an invaluable addition to your teaching toolkit.



Check out the preview for a look at all the visuals that make up this awesome PE Super Bundle!

SEL in Physical Education Poster Series- 6 Set Visual Bundle

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