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This is the ANCHOR (main) Poster for the SEL in Physical Education Visual Series


The Foundation of SEL in PE


"Welcome to PE: Where Every Activity Builds a Better You!" is the foundational poster of the "SEL in Physical Education Visual Series," designed to bring the full spectrum of the CASEL 5 core competencies to life in a single, engaging visual. This anchor poster integrates the individual elements of self-awareness, social awareness, self-management, responsible decision-making, and relationship skills, each with its own distinct section on a creatively illustrated gym floor. Students are depicted actively engaging with each competency, providing a dynamic and student-friendly way to grasp the SEL concepts central to their development in PE.



Visually Engaging and Versatile


With an eye for design that resonates in a learning environment, this poster shines in vibrant color and detail, and is offered in both PDF and JPG formats to ensure ease of use across various digital platforms. It comes in a palette of five different colors, ready to suit any school's style or gymnasium decor. This main visual is easily expandable from an 8 ½ by 11-inch sheet to a larger, more impactful poster size using standard school or commercial poster-making facilities, ensuring that the message of SEL stands out in the physical space where students learn and play.



SEL Integration in Daily PE


When displayed within the gym or classroom, "Welcome to PE: Where Every Activity Builds a Better You!" acts as a daily reference and reminder for students to actively practice the core competencies of SEL in their physical activities. It serves as a teaching aid for educators to draw upon, making the integration of SEL into physical education both seamless and systematic. This poster not only decorates the space but also educates, inspiring students to cultivate the social-emotional skills that support a well-rounded education through the medium of physical education.

SEL in PE Visual Series: Welcome to PE- Where Every Activity Builds a Better You

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