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Fostering Empathy and Cooperation


Introducing "Social-Awareness in PE: Be a Team Player," a crucial addition to the "SEL in Physical Education Visual Series." This thoughtfully designed poster is a treasure trove of learning, providing five key concepts that illuminate the role of social awareness in PE: conflict resolution, compassion, kindness counts, respect boundaries, and celebrate diversity. Each concept is not only named but brought to life through compelling captions that describe how students can embody these behaviors in physical education settings. The student-friendly graphics act as visual anchors, helping young learners connect the

abstract ideas of social awareness with concrete actions and attitudes.



Versatile Display Options


"Social-Awareness in PE: Engaging Hearts and Minds" is crafted to fit seamlessly into any educational environment, arriving in versatile PDF and JPG formats for convenience and ease of use. The poster is presented with a palette of five different color variations, ensuring that it can be matched with the unique aesthetic of your gym or classroom. Originally sized for 8 ½ by 11-inch sheets for immediate use, these visuals can also be magnified to larger dimensions on a school or store Poster-Maker, offering the flexibility to create an eye-catching display that resonates with every student.



Daily Visual Cues for Lasting Lessons


Strategically place this poster in your gym or play area to create an environment that consistently promotes social-emotional learning. It serves not just as a decorative element but as a silent teacher, reinforcing the principles of social awareness through everyday visual cues. By incorporating this poster into your physical education space, you make a lasting commitment to nurturing essential life skills like empathy, understanding, and mutual respect—skills that students will carry with them beyond the gym and into the world.

SEL in PE Visual Series: Social Awareness- Be a Team Player!

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