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Mastering Self-Management Skills


"Self-Management in PE: Own Your Game!" stands as a vibrant piece in the "SEL in Physical Education Visual Series," designed to help students harness the power of self-discipline and emotional regulation. This poster is more than just a visual aid; it’s a tool that breaks down the concept of self-management into five accessible components: flexibility, emotional control, stress regulation, impulse control, and planning ahead. Each of these components is accompanied by a clear, engaging caption that explains how it can be applied in the context of a PE class, making the abstract concept of self-management tangible for students.





Ensuring a perfect fit for any learning space, this poster arrives in both PDF and JPG formats, complemented by a selection of five color themes to coordinate with your school’s gym or classroom decor. The standard size of 8 ½ by 11 inches makes it classroom-ready for immediate display, while also allowing the option to upscale the visuals to poster size using a school or commercial Poster-Maker. This versatility ensures that "Self-Management in PE: Own Your Game!" can be as prominent and impactful as needed, matching the scale of your educational setting.



A Daily Guide for Growth


Elevate your teaching environment by incorporating "Self-Management in PE: Own Your Game!" into your gym or activity area. It’s not just a visual—it’s a daily guide that encourages students to engage with and reflect on their self-management skills continuously. Displaying this poster serves as a constant reminder for students to practice and develop these crucial competencies, laying the foundation for personal growth and academic success in physical education and beyond.

SEL in PE Visual Series: Self-Management- Own Your Game!

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