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Discover Inner Strengths


Unveil the power of self-reflection in your physical education classes with the "Self-Awareness in PE: Get Ahead by Looking Within" visual from the SEL in Physical Education Visual Series. This engaging poster serves as a vibrant reminder for students to tune into their internal world as they engage in physical activities. Each of the five key concepts—mindful movement, personal goals, mood monitoring, active listening, and focus and concentration—is brought to life through vivid, student-friendly graphics that illustrate these aspects of self-awareness in action. Accompanying captions provide clear, actionable ways students can apply these ideas during PE, fostering a deeper understanding of themselves and their capabilities.



Flexible and Vibrant Design


Designed with versatility in mind, this poster is provided in both PDF and JPG formats for easy printing and display. With five distinct color schemes included, it's simple to choose the perfect hue to complement any gymnasium or classroom setting. The standard sizing is set for 8 ½ by 11-inch sheets, perfect for a quick reference or bulletin board feature. However, the high-resolution files can be effortlessly enlarged using a school or commercial Poster-Maker, transforming them into striking, large-scale visuals that capture every student's attention.



Educational Decor for Everyday Impact


Position this poster prominently within your gym or play area to serve as a daily conversation starter and teaching aid. It's not only a decorative addition but a functional tool that helps embed the principles of Self-Awareness into the heart of your teaching practice. Whether students are diving into a new activity or reflecting on their performance, "Self-Awareness in PE: Get Ahead by Looking Within" acts as a guidepost, steering them towards introspection, personal growth, and a more enriching physical education experience.

SEL in PE Visual Series: Self-Awareness- Get Ahead by Looking Within!

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