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Cultivating Connections in PE


"Relationship Skills in PE: Strengthening Friendships Through Active Play!" serves as a dynamic component of the "SEL in Physical Education Visual Series," designed to foster social interaction and positive relationship building among students. This poster presents five key concepts: Mutual Respect, Respectful Reactions, Feedback Friendly, Listen and Lead, and Celebrate Successes. Accompanied by engaging captions, these concepts guide students in how to manifest healthy interpersonal skills within the PE setting. The inclusion of relatable graphics ensures these messages resonate with students, encouraging a more harmonious and collaborative learning environment.



Flexible Design for Any Space


With thoughtful consideration for diverse educational settings, this visual comes in both convenient PDF and JPG formats, accompanied by a palette of five color variants to complement any gym or classroom decor. Originally formatted for standard 8 ½ by 11-inch paper, the design is effortlessly expandable to poster size with any school or commercial Poster-Maker, providing the adaptability to make a striking impact in various spatial dimensions.



Visual Anchor for Daily Interactions


Placing "Relationship Skills in PE: Strengthening Relationships Through Active Play!" within the gym or classroom serves as a constant visual prompt that enhances the daily PE experience. It not only beautifies the space but also stands as a reference tool for illustrating the value of interpersonal skills. This visual aid is a cornerstone for discussions and activities, constantly engaging students with the vital concepts of cooperation and respect, integral to their growth and success both in and out of the physical education context.


SEL in PE Visual Series: Relationship Skills- Strengthening Through Active Play!

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