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Have you ever needed a “visual” to help reinforce your instruction on how to play Rock-Paper-Scissors? RPS is a great decision making game of wits, speed, dexterity and strategy for students to use to decide small disputes or to settle ties/draws. It is also a FUN game to use for fitness-based games in the gym and activities in the classroom. It also works as a great tool for giving students problem solving skills without repeated, direct teacher intervention.

The poster (in 5 colors) displays the 1. Elements, 2. Throws, and Methods for Winning Rock-Paper-Scissors. The animated pictures serve as a kid-friendly visual that students can easily relate to. The images are clearly labeled and subheadings help differentiate the poster categories. 

The posters are in a Zip folder with 2 Formats- PDF and JPEG (originally set for 8 ½ by 11 sheets) but they can easily be copied on a school or store Poster-Maker to convert to a large sized poster. You can then place it inside your gym or classroom for your students to see and for you to reference while you teach your daily physical education lessons. 

This Physical Education Poster is designed for all ages but is best suited for students from Kin. through the 10th Grade 

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  • 25% off all items until Tuesday, November 24

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