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The Physical Education Excel Data Worksheet packet is an editable Excel Document that can be used to enter skill/movement-based data based on physical education rubrics set by an individual PE teacher, school, district or PE curriculum program. 

Most PE rubrics today use a 3 or 4 point value system based on observed elements of a movement, skill, behavior or action. The Physical Education Excel Data Worksheet gives teachers the ability to enter these points and have them “averaged” automatically for easy grading purposes at the end of a unit or grading period. Student names can also be imported or copy/pasted from any other Excel files a teacher may have. 

The Physical Education Excel Data Worksheet was also designed to work with Cap’n Pete’s Power PE Assessment Series which has a 4 point scale rubric (PE Skill Outcome Scoring Rubric) that is included with each of the 24 Skill Assessment Sheets. The scores from the assessment sheets and subsequent rubric can be input in the excel worksheets. 

Included in this Excel Data Worksheet Packet is the following files: 

1. Blank Excel Version- Fill in the blanks with your student names and data- This version has 6 tabs at the bottom for 6 classes. Teachers can add or subtract from that number of classes by right clicking the bottom tabs and editing. 

2. Example Excel Version- Depicts 3 mock classes with tabs for 1- Locomotor Movement, 2- Manipulative Skills and 3- Other PE Skills. These can be edited too by a teacher by deleting the preset information and adding their own. 

3. PE Skill Outcome Scoring Rubric and Example Assessment Series Sheet- Shows an example, 4 point scoring rubric that goes along with Cap'n Pete's Assessment Series Sheets and fits well into the Excel Data Worksheets.

Physical Education Excel Data Worksheet- Editable

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