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The PE Winter Sport Stations are 20 fun filled, winter wonderland station cards that you can use in your school gymnasium or can be modified and performed in a smaller space such as a classroom or empty cafeteria. Each movement card showcases some cool PENGUINS performing a winter sport or winter activity that is “modified” to implement inside using typical PE or school equipment. The activities are NASPE standards-based and there are plenty of activities for the students to take part in for multiple class periods. 

These Winter Sport Stations are ideal for a physical education or classroom teacher to use during the winter weeks that follow the Holidays as a “Brain Break” or to reinforce movement concepts such as locomotor and/or manipulative skills, cooperation and physical fitness. These Winter Sport stations were created to be “FUN” and your students will ask you to bring them out every year during those “cold” winter months. 

PE Winter Sport Stations: 20 Activities and Station Cards

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