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Inside this package are 25 “high flying” volleyball and throwing/catching NET games, designed for students with a wide range of abilities and ages, from 2nd Grade through 10th Grade. The “NET GAMES” are ideal for large groups; from 30 to 60 students if you have 2 volleyball nets and a regular sized gym or outdoor play area. If you have a larger space, more nets and a few adults to supervise, more players can participate at the same time. Obviously less than 30 students can play these net games and several modifications are suggested and can be implemented to help fit the needs of your program.


These games can be used by PE TEACHERS as an extension of their volleyball unit (after the basic skills have been taught) or it can be utilized by a CLASSROOM TEACHER as an organized RECESS GAME ACTIVITY to keep students active and focused during their play time. In addition, many of the net and volley games make great large-group activities for school-wide events such as FIELD DAY or for a class or grade-level REWARD DAY sometime during the school year.


These volleying NET games involve many volleyball-related and skills and concepts such as serving, bumping, setting, striking, saving, digging, spiking, agility, accuracy, coordination, rotation, teamwork, and sportsmanship. Several of the games also provide an ideal avenue to develop the students’’ catching, throwing and tracking skills. There are a couple of small-group activities where students use smaller courts with badminton nets (or jump ropes that can be held by other students).


The Net and Volley Games include: 1. Add em up Volley, 2. Aerobic 3 Team Volley, 3. Balloon Volley, 4. Beach Ball Volley, 5. Clear Out, 6. Cooperative Volley, 7. Crazy Net Ball, 8. Deck Ball, 9. Fling Ball, 10. Four Court Volleyball, 11. Gigantic Ball Volleyball, 12. King’s Court Volleyball, 13. Lifeline Volley, 14. Net Battleship, 15. Net Hot Potato, 16. Newcomb, 17. No Hands Volleyball, 18. Paddle Shower Ball, 19. Regulation Volleyball, 20. Scoop Ball, 21. Shower Ball, 22. Small Court Volleyball, 23. Surprise Volley, 24. Target Volley and 25. Volley Bounce

PE Volleyball and Net Games- 5 “High Flying” Volleyball and Net Games

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