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This product is a compilation of all 3 of Cap'n Pete's PE Stations series which includes: 

1. PE Fitness Stations - 44 "Maximum Movement" Zones, 

2. PE Sport Stations - 44 "Skill Sharpening" Zones 

3. PE Stations Kids Love - 44 "Frolicking Fun" Zones

Combined, there are 132 total stations and accompanying station cards that can be used throughout your school year for fitness units, warm-ups, sport skill units and just "plain old fun"!

“These PE Stations (and corresponding Station Cards) have been created as an aid for a PE Teacher, Classroom Teacher or Small Group Leader in a camp or church.

The "Fitness Stations" were created to help develop the students’ personal fitness and include the following components of physical fitness:

1. Cardiovascular Endurance, 2. Flexibility (Static and Dynamic), 3. Locomotor Movement, and 4. Muscular Strength and Endurance.

The Sport Stations were created to help develop the students’ skills in a variety of sports including: 1. Base Games, 2. Basketball, 3. Gym Hockey, 4. Racquet/Paddle Striking Sports, 5. Soccer, 6. Track and Field, and 7. Volleyball. There are 6 station cards for all sports except Track and field which has 8. 

The "PE Stations Kids Love" were created with the sole purpose for children to have fun performing a variety of movements and tasks using equipment you might find in a typical school, camp or church facility. 

PE Stations: Triple Pack Bundle- 132 Movement, Skill and Sport Zones

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