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The Hand Dribbling and Ball Control PE Stations and Task Cards product is a comprehensive grouping of stations signs, task cards, cue cards, and an assessment exit slip. Together, these items provide you with a practical tool to help your students understand, articulate and apply the basic fundamental cues for successful hand dribbling and ball control. The skills learned through these stations will allow the students to perform better in PE lead up games for sports such as basketball and team handball as well as other PE activities such as juggling and scooter games.

The 5 Dribbling and 5 Ball Control stations can be easily set up in your gym, classroom or outside playing area, using basic equipment most physical education teachers or elementary/middle schools would have in their storage closet. Each station was created to provide multiple Dribbling and Ball Control situations with students employing individual skill development or using “partner play”. Two Dribbling and Ball Control Skill Cue Cards are provided for student reference and an optional Assessment Exit Slip is also included for you as the teacher to check for cognitive understanding of the lesson outcomes. 


1 Comprehensive Lesson Plan and 1 Gym/Playing Area Setup Diagram

10 Station Signs and 10 Station Task Cards (5 Dribbling and 5 Ball Control)

2 Cue Fundamental Cards/Signs (1 for Dribbling and 1 for Ball Control)

1 Optional Student Scoring Sheet and 1 Assessment Exit Slip

These Dribbling and Ball Control PE Stations and Task Cards are ideal for PE teachers to reinforce your teaching cues in a basketball or team handball unit or could be used as a diversion from your PE fitness activities. Classroom teachers could also use individual stations from this activity packet inside their classrooms or together outside in a playing area such as a playground or paved area. The Dribbling and Ball Control PE Stations and Task Cards have been designed for Kindergarten through 6th grade students.

PE Skill Stations and Task Cards- Hand Dribbling and Ball Control

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