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The PE Reciprocal Teaching Series- Jump Rope Skill Sheet Resource is a collection of 10 instructional worksheets that students can use to teach each other a series of jump rope skills. The sheets are progressive in nature and have been assigned levels from 1 through 10, based on the degree of difficulty of the skills performed. Students work in partners to teach each other the jump rope skills while the teacher moves around the gym to reinforce the reciprocal teaching protocol and check on student progress. Each reciprocal teaching sheet lists 5 skills and provides instructions, graphics, tips for success and jump/turn cues.

The Reciprocal teaching sheets were designed based on Muska Mosston’s Spectrum of Teaching Styles (Teaching Physical Education, 3rd Edition, Merrill Publishing Company, 1986). Reciprocal Teaching transpires when students, in partners, are given a task card describing the progression of a skill. While the doer is performing the skill, the observer is providing immediate, constructive and positive feedback. Students take turns and switch roles during the activity segment. One of the strengths of reciprocal teaching is that it allows for continuous feedback. The observers are also able to learn from watching and correcting their partner’s mistakes. Teachers move around and are available to answer the observer’s questions and to give them appropriate feedback.

This valuable resource is made up of 10 “leveled” jump rope skills that begin with basic stationary rope jumping and progress to advanced jumping skills that requires intense concentration and extreme coordination. Students work with peers that have a similar skill level to advance through the sheets when they have mastered a skill. The Reciprocal Teaching Jump Rope Skill Sheets can be used to help differentiate instruction and address the needs of all students. 

PE Reciprocal Teaching Series- Jump Rope Skill Sheets

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