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Inside this PACKAGE are 25 fun and exciting relay activities for students designed for a wide range of ages from grades Kindergarten through 8th.


The relays include:


1. A Puzzler, 2. ABC, 3. Balloon Bop, 4. Bean Bag Circle Run, 5. Beanie, 6. Blown Away, 7. Cooperative Triangle, 8. Dribbler, 9. Frankenstein Math, 10. Gather it up, 11. Jump and Run, 12. Loco-Jump, 13.Locomotion, 14. Noodler, 15. Obstacle Course, 16. Partner Toss, 17. Plate Skate, 18. Pyramid Building, 19. Scoot-Scoot, 20. Shoot the Hoop, 21. Shuttle Run, 22. Sling Shot, 23. Spelling, 24. Swap it and 25. Weave and Zag.


These are all extremely fun, fast-moving and energy boosting relay activities ideally suited for a “PE warm up” although they can also be used as an extension of a fitness lesson, during a special day like field day or as a lesson closer. Students will get their heart rates up and not even know they are getting a great workout because they will be having so much fun. These activities are “tried and true” quick moving relays that students love and ask for on a regular basis. I have used them with up to 4 or 5 classes at the same time or as little as 1 class at a time. They are geared towards elementary-aged students, however I have used them with middle and high school students and they love them too!


These particular relays are not intended to be used as competition between groups but more as fun, fitness and skill building activities performed in small groups. The group suggestions are small (approx. 3 - 5 students per relay group/line) to keep the students’ activity level high.


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