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100 AWESOME PE Quick Mover Activities!!!


4 PE, Instant Activity/Fitness-Related 20 game sets for the price of 3! That's 25% off the regular TPT individual package prices.


Inside this super bundle are 100 Energizing PE "Quick Movers"; 25 fitness activities in each set that come from my following products on Teachers Pay Teachers:


PE Fitness Fun


PE Instant Activities


PE Radical Relays


PE Tag Games



The 100-Game Super Bundle "quick mover" package is designed for PE or classroom teachers to use with their students and can accommodate a wide range of ages, for children from grades Kindergarten through 8th. Many of the activities are ideal for large or medium sized groups, outside on a field or blacktop or inside a gym or other play area.


These are all extremely fun, fast-moving and energy boosting activities ideally suited as “PE warm ups” although they can also be used as an extension of a fitness lesson, during a special day like field day or as a lesson closer too. Students will get their heart rates up and not even know they are getting a great workout because they will be having so much fun. These activities are “tried and true” and students ask for them on a regular basis. I have used them with up to 3 or 4 classes at the same time or as little as 1 class at a time. They are geared towards elementary-aged students, however I have used them with middle and high school students and they love them too!

PE Quick Mover Super Bundle- Fitness, Instant Activities, Relays, & Tag Games

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