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A Comprehensive Guide to Character Building in PE

Introducing the PE Posters: Character Traits in Physical Education Visual Series - 11 Set Super Bundle, a culmination of the most pivotal traits essential to building character within the gymnasium and beyond. This expansive bundle is spearheaded by the ANCHOR poster "10 Great Character Traits to Show in Physical Education", seamlessly leading to 10 detailed visuals, each spotlighting one of the integral character traits. Each poster is meticulously designed to resonate with students, showcasing 8 distinct methods to express the corresponding trait during PE sessions.


The blend of concise explanations with engaging, student-friendly graphics ensures each lesson is both educational and engaging. The individual visuals in this super bundle include the following:


  • Anchor Visual: 10 Great Character Traits to Show in Physical Education
  • Leadership: Inspire and guide others.
  • Self-Control: Manage emotions during activities.
  • Honesty: Always be truthful and fair.
  • Teamwork: Work collaboratively with peers.
  • Determination: Stay persistent in challenges.
  • Patience: Wait and persevere calmly.
  • Compassion: Understand and care for others.
  • Respect: Value peers and their opinions.
  • Gratitude: Appreciate and acknowledge efforts.
  • Responsibility: Own your actions and duties.


BONUS VISUAL: PE Poster: From A to Z - Great Character Traits for PE: An alphabetic deep dive into 26 unique character traits, each accompanied by engaging graphics and concise descriptions.



Versatile and Engaging for Everyday Lessons

Designed with educators in mind, each poster in this collection offers unmatched versatility. They come in both PDF and JPG formats and feature five varying header/footer color combinations, fitting seamlessly into any school's gym aesthetic. While the posters are designed for 8 1/2 by 11-inch prints, their adaptability means they can easily be magnified to a more prominent size using standard Poster-Makers. Strategically position these posters in your gym or activity zone, transforming them from mere decorative pieces to invaluable teaching aids, reinforcing the character-building journey in PE.



Check out the preview for a look at all the visuals that make up this awesome PE Super Bundle!

PE Posters: Character Traits in Physical Education Series - 11 Set Super Bundle

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