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This colorful “Intensity Awareness Scale ” poster is based on Borg's Rating of Perceived Exertion (RPE) scale and highlights 10 color-coded “Exercise Zones” that we typically witness during daily PE classes. The poster is “Kid-Friendly” and helps students understand and verbally describe the intensity at which their body is working, i.e. how they feel physically and mentally during activity/exercise. They can then use that information to straightforwardly communicate back and forth with their teacher or coach. Each intensity awareness zone provides a description statement with an indicator statement and shows an example that’s students can easily relate to. 

This poster is POWERFUL and VALUABLE! The file includes 4 different background colors (tan, green, lavender and printer friendly white), to match your personal preference or school’s gym colors. The posters are in both PDF and JPEG format (originally set for 8 ½ by 11 sheets) but they can easily be copied on a school or store Poster-Maker to convert to a large sized poster. You can then place it inside your gym or playing area for your students to see and for you to reference while you teach your daily physical education lessons. 

This Physical Education Poster is designed for all ages but is best suited for students from Kindergarten through 8th Grade 

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PE Poster: "Intensity Awareness Scale"

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