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This colorful “How do you Feel Today?” lists and displays a variety of emotions that a student might “feel” before, during or after a PE class, all in a one “DYNAMIC” and “EYECATCHING” poster. What is a more exciting way to display EMOTIONS in your gym than with some COOL SPORTS BALLS! The poster presents 15 different balls showing emotions and includes the emotion name and a graphic for each. The poster works well when you need to discuss how emotion affects movement performance or can be used when you have a student that is non-verbal and need to find out how he/she feels during a lesson.


The zip file includes the Poster with 8 different variations including 5 different header/footer colors and 5 different gradient poster body colors which is meant to match your printer capabilities and classroom colors.


The posters are in a Zip folder with 2 Formats- PDF and JPEG (originally set for 8 ½ by 11 sheets) but they can easily be copied on a school or store Poster-Maker to convert to a large sized poster. You can then place it inside your classroom for your students to see and for you to reference while you teach your daily classes.

PE Poster: How do you Feel Today? Physical Education Emotions

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