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Highlighting Respect in PE


Introduce your students to the vital character trait of respect with this engaging poster, "8 Ways to Show Respect in Physical Education." This colorful visual tool clearly demonstrates eight key actions that embody respect within the setting of a PE class. Each featured point includes a catchy title, a brief description, and a charming student-friendly graphic, helping to both instruct and engage young minds. The points covered are: be on time, listen carefully, use kind words, value differences, mind personal space,be a good sport, care for the equipment, and help clean up.


Customizable and Versatile


This vibrant educational poster comes in both PDF and JPG formats, making it easy for you to display it in a format that best suits your needs. Additionally, you'll find the poster available in five unique header/footer color schemes to effortlessly match it with your school's gym colors. Originally designed for 8 ½ by 11-inch sheets, the visuals are versatile and can be enlarged using a school or store Poster-Maker, allowing for clear and eye-catching large-scale prints.


Interactive Teaching Tool


Once your poster is up and running, it becomes an ongoing resource you can reference during your daily PE classes. Place the poster in a high-visibility area in your gym or playing space so that students can continually learn and internalize what it means to be respectful. This tool serves as a wonderful catalyst for meaningful conversations about character, and how we can better ourselves and our community through simple, impactful actions.

PE Poster: 8 Ways to Show Respect in Physical Education

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