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Empower the Next Generation of Leaders in P.E. With 8 Ways to Show Leadership in Physical Education


Leadership is more than a trait; it's an action, especially in the realm of Physical Education. This vibrant poster, "8 Ways to Show Leadership in Physical Education," is a versatile resource designed to inspire students to take proactive steps in becoming young leaders. Featuring 8 key behaviors—'Be a Good Listener,' 'Follow Directions,' 'Help Others,' 'Stay Positive,' 'Ask Questions,' 'Demonstrate Skills,' 'Set a Good Example,' and 'Encourage Inclusion'—each section comes with a brief, student-friendly explanation and
engaging graphics to capture young imaginations.



Tailored for Any Gym or Classroom Setting

Understanding that each school has its own unique culture and aesthetic, this poster offers customization options galore. Available in both PDF and JPG formats, it features five different header/footer color schemes, making it easy to match with any gym's decor. Although originally sized for 8 ½ by 11 sheets, these visuals can effortlessly be expanded using a school or store Poster-Maker to fit larger display areas.



More Than a Poster; It's a Daily Teaching Tool

Installing this poster in a gym or play area serves a function beyond merely decorating the space. It stands as a constant reference point for students and educators alike, offering quick but powerful teaching moments that reinforce leadership skills essential for good sportsmanship and community building. Whether you're setting the stage for a lesson or providing a quick visual reminder, this poster is designed to seamlessly blend character education with physical skill development.

PE Poster: 8 Ways to Show Leadership in Physical Education

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