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Engaging Visualization


Presenting a vibrant poster from the "Character Traits in PE Visual Series," titled "8 Ways to Display Determination in Physical Education." This visual vividly outlines 8 ways students can embody determination in PE, with each aspect concisely explained and accompanied by student-friendly graphics. The eight determinative actions highlighted are; Be prepared, listen and learn, ask for help, set goals, face challenges, stay positive, keep practicing, and focus on progress.


Color Customization and Format Flexibility:


This visual poster offers both PDF and JPG formats along with 5 different header/footer colors to match a school’s gym aesthetics. Initially sized for 8 ½ by 11 sheets, they can be effortlessly enlarged using a school or store Poster-Maker, transforming into a large-sized poster that fits well in a gym or playing area.


Enriching Physical Education Lessons:


Having this poster in the gym or playing area turns every PE lesson into an enriching experience, serving as a continuous reminder of the value of determination. It's an excellent reference for educators during daily lessons, encouraging students to embrace and exhibit determination, making each PE session a step towards nurturing stronger, more resilient individuals.

PE Poster: 8 Ways to Show Determination in Physical Education

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