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Visual Impact


Introducing "8 Ways to Display Gratitude in Physical Education," a vibrant addition to the Character Traits in PE Visual Series. This dynamic poster breaks down the concept of gratitude into 8 easy-to-understand segments. Each segment features a key trait, such as 'appreciate your teacher' or 'say thank you,' along with a brief, easy-to-understand explanation, and eye-catching, kid-friendly graphics that will keep your students engaged with the content.



Customizable Design


The poster comes in PDF and JPG formats, providing flexibility for different printing needs. Additionally, it offers 5 different header/footer colors, ensuring that the visual elements align with your school's gym decor. Originally designed for 8 ½ by 11 sheets, the visuals can be easily enlarged via a school or store Poster-Maker without losing quality.



Classroom Integration


Once printed, this colorful guide can be prominently displayed in your gym or playing area, offering both teachers and students a quick reference point for fostering gratitude. It's not just a poster; it's a visual aid designed to cultivate positive character traits while making the teaching and learning process in physical education more interactive and engaging.

PE Poster: 8 Ways to Display Gratitude in Physical Education

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